Being nice is to be taken for granted?

As usual twice a month, my parents need to go to the hospital for their medical check ups. On that glorious day, we would have to spend the entire day waiting for doctors and medical prescriptions at the pharmacy. My parents could go to more than just one doctor on that day. And after a while, my cousin who has been helping us to take care of my parents already able to memorize the habits of those doctors along with the nurses who act as assistants.

“This one is obnoxious and so does his nurses. He never arrive early, always comes late and his nurses do not even bother if there is any of those patients drop dead in front of them due to exhausted from the long wait..., “ she explained to me while throw her deepest loathing look to the doctor who walk calmly entering his practice room passing of all his old patients sitting looking dead tried.

“I once begged the nurse to let your Mom go in first as she was in bad shape at that time…but the nurse wouldn’t let me… They said, all patients have to enter consecutively following their appointment number. “If we allowed one patient to be called first while there were others before her…everyone would ask for the same treatment…”

While with the other doctor, the nurse always put elderly first on the line no matter what appointment number they got. She seems understand that while young people could die out of boredom for the long wait, elderly would probably die because have a stroke for sitting too long on the chair due to exhaustion.

So, if we have to visit two doctors at once…we usually goes to see the stuck up doctors first rather than the nicer one. Why? Well, naturally because we know the nice nurse will ease up with us and therefore we decided that it is okay to make the appointment through her become second priority. The first we have to see is this obnoxious doctor as even we have early appointment number, they would put us at the very last number if we are late to the appointment.

Of course it got me thinking that again we take people for granted because they are nice to us.
The above appointment sort of like you has to see two teachers. This one is nice and forgiving while the other is vicious and definitely not so forgiving. Which one you are going to choose first if they both have the same schedule for you to see them? Definitely the one who is vicious as you would not want to mess with that one and destroy your entire life. As for the nice one, you are positively sure that you will be forgiven no matter what your excuse will be. Then you are taking that nice person for granted, right?

Now I can understand a tiny bit why oh why people choose to be scary for others because for several reasons:

Try to take a look at your nasty colleague in the office. The one who always barks whenever you need their assistance… He or she probably is the kind of people who hard to concentrate and therefore avoid any kind of disturbance. If they being nice and helpful, people will just come and go whenever they please to ask for help and finally becoming nuisance. If you have a colleague who seems ready to break everyone’s neck, would you still want to ask for their assistance? You do not even want to be near them, not unless is a matter of life and death.

Nice people tend to be forgotten…by (of course) those who take advantages of their kindness…
How often we heard this sentence, “Oh, I am sorry I totally forgot about my promise to you… You would not mind, would you? You forgive, do you? Okay, everything is fine then…”

So, yeah…it is hard to be nice to other people… And it is hard to be firm but not fierce and therefore people not taking you for granted. Additionally, it is totally difficult to say NO and still smiling broadly with that angelic look stamped on our face… Or does it really important for us to be known as nice person but our heart feel like being stabbed by dozens of knives?

Who said being nice is easy? :D

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