Can we talk about something else?

 When someone I used to hang out with in the university suddenly found herself a lover that was the moment I realized that seeing her was no longer fun anymore…

Aside that I probably was jealous seeing her having boyfriend while I am not…probably one of many reasons, there was this one problem. The real problem was she could not stop talking about her darling boyfriend. I find myself not happy whenever I saw her running and waving her hands at me… Usually I could not wait to see her after classes so we can exchange stories. But after she found her soul mate (quoted exactly from her words), I suddenly could no longer stand being near her. And it turn out, I was not the only one. Whenever my friend started to share her most precious moment with her BF, I saw our other friends and class mates starting to exchange glances and false smile even smirked. And then one by one, we start to come up with excuses just to get the heck out of the boring conversation. We have tried to stir the conversation to another subject that everyone could relate to without success. Again, yeah few of us probably jealous at her but the other merely bored. One of them said, “Okay, we get it… You are happy… You just want to be around him… Spread the happy stories about him to the entire world… You are totally so happy you do not even realize about people around you…”

Come to think of it, I have to admit…that once in a while I also behave exactly like the above story. For example, if I am really into this tv series or hooked up on an actor…I would definitely can not stop talking about it or him. Every conversation I would try to lead it to my currently favorite subject. The intention of course so my friend would get intrigued then of course follow me on liking the movie or the actor. After that we could talk nothing else about it. 

If you are into this new environment, or falling for someone, or attracted to a new activity…, or just love whatever you are doing there…then you have this feeling to let everyone around you to join your activity…  Well, if you are in love with someone you will probably limit that enthusiasm only by sharing your happiness (obviously you did not want to share the one you like with anyone else…, right?) But if you get hooked on a place, a new activity, a tv show (reality show, tv series, documentary programs, etc) or an actor or more…feel so good to keep on talking about them right?

The problem is when our friend does not share our enthusiasm. Eventually all of us will be running out of ideas on whatever we want to talk about. As your friend want to talk nothing but her favorite activity and since you have no idea what that is and have reached up to the point where you are totally not interested …then what is to talk about anymore? You talked about your life but your friend does not find it fascinating. And while she was talking about her favorite activities you could only muster a polite smile or short response.

When we hooked up on something then sure we can share it to our friends. There is nothing more fun to do and talk something that we all like. But if they are not interest it, then please have mercy and just stop talking about it… Talk anything but that…
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Ahahaha.. bener bangets, kalo lagi suka ama sesuatu or seseorang, biasanya yang diomongin yaa ituu ituu muluu, hahaha :D

  2. bridge Says:

    ember...... gue jg suka gitu...tapi kalau yg diajak ngomong gak nanggepin, ya sudah... gak lanjut lagi

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