Eat Pray Love

 To be honest EAT PRAY LOVE is not my favorite book and neither is the movie.

I think the book is too personal…it describes the journey of the writer to find pleasure, devotion and balance… And I could not feel her journey (well, actually I could feel it  except her journey in India) though I understand what driven her to her drastic decision.

But yeah I think once in a while when we already settle down and then looking at it we started to think…oh dear… Where did the years go? Have I done everything that I want to do in this life? Is this the life I have been dreaming of? Can I still have the chance to at least get to do one thing that I have always want to do? Did I sound ungrateful to God? Where is He? Does He near me? Does He understand things that going on with my mind and heart? Can I reach Him? Can I talk to Him? And so on…

So she went through nasty divorce with her husband, almost lost everything. But then she received advance payment for her coming books which inspired from her journey to Italy, India and Indonesia

I love the way she was telling her reader about Italy… There are so many good words to be quoted… Attraversiamo means let’s cross over, bel far niente means the art of doing nothing… And the food… Oh dear…, just to rewrite it here again already makes me hungry! Pizza, ice cream, spaghetti, pasta…gosh, I could kill to be there in Italy. KIDDING about the killing part. And then I arrived in India as part of the book and I just could not continue. I am sorry. But the searching of God for me it was too personal and I am tired reading her quest. So, I put down the book and did not read it for almost about a year. Then a few days ago I got news that the movie was about to be shown here in Indonesia…I tried to find that book under the pile of so many other books that awaits to be read. With lots of effort I was finally able to finish reading it just a few hours before I watched the movie. So it was still fresh on my mind when I watched the movie. In the end the readers finally arrive in Bali, Indonesia. Yay! A movie about Bali, Indonesia which hopefully explain to lots of people that Bali is an island located in a country called: Indonesia not the other way around. The way she describe Ketut Liyer and Wayan and Indonesian people…(almost everything she describe is the truth). Ehm, of course I love this part a lot because I am an Indonesian ^__^

Now, the movie (In My MOST Humble Opinion) failed to show to us the audience about what was going on inside the mind of the writer : Ms. Elizabeth Gilbert. Most of them just think of her as someone who has no idea about her role and purpose in this life. And therefore she seeks only for fun in Italy, seeks for renewing her relationship with God in India and last in Bali she searching for balance. Ketut said to her…do not forget while doing her yoga to smile with face, smile with mind even smile in your liver (actually he meant in your heart… I just realized about this later…). Nobody get a clear picture that she is a writer publishing articles for magazine. And her publisher gave her advance payment for her to live in those 3 countries and to be written into a book…
The movie failed to show that she almost broke after her divorce. Failed to give facts that it was to her nephew she sent her prayer Gurugita instead of the girl she befriended in the temple in India.

But anyway, I have to say I salute the writer to be able standing up on her feet again after her fall and the rocky journey to her destination. It is every writer’s dream to publish their book. To be best seller is a gift. To be offered by someone who wants to make a movie by your book is a grand bonus.

So, just watch the movie and read the book…and have your own conclusion ;)
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