Getting old

 A few days ago I went to watch this movie RED (Retired. Extremely Dangerous). I think it is like another action comedy Hollywood kind of movie. But, what I like this movie talk about a group of retirees government agents.

Have you ever wondered how you are going to spend your old days? Are you going to be in the nursery home for elderly? Will you ever going to have enough saving to live there? We all know that the expenses are not going to be cheap. But then, if you do have a saving to be spent there… what are you going to do in your old days… Well, if you are going to make it there… What are you really going to do?

I saw in that movie how those agents tried hard to adjust with their new life… I could imagine if in their younger days they must be facing endless task not to mention dangerous and adrenalin pumping. But it seems they are those people who simply born with it. And secluded solitude life does not fit them right. They are agitated and always find excuse or reason to back into action.

To tell you the truth I have no idea what I am going to become in my old day…that is if God is willing that I should reaching that age. Now that I am single, I am starting to think to save bit by bit so I can afford the expenses to live in a nursery home. I have nobody that I know is going to take care me in the old age. And I am not expecting anyone will want to do that. Getting old is hard whether we are willing to admit that or not. First we are not as strong as we used to. We get tired easily…and want to have a quick rest from time to time. Our sight not as good as before and worst we probably going to be senile. Forget things and anyone easily.

My Dad once told me about his friends entering the pension period. Most of them passed away shortly as they did not have activities at all. When we said activity it doesn’t have to be heavy physical. They could spend the morning with do a little bit of walk or simple exercise. That is for physical exercise… And for the mind…probably do a little cross word or even Sudoku… And for the heart…surely to have a little bit of chit chat with other people… Like my friend used to say, if she is going to be put in the nursery home for elderly she is going to hunt for a new husband… Hahahaha… She’s nuts.

So, back to our previous topic… What is actually I am going to do in the old age? Really have no idea. Perhaps I am still going to write and write? Gosh, I hope my eyes still allow me to keep on reading and writing… Hopefully already published books so at least I have something to be proud about…

I just hope I don’t end up sick and bored and wish to die to avoid the misery of life… May God still grant me the energy to spend my old days admiring the beauty of nature and my surrounding… Something that youngster use to neglect and suddenly remember about it in the old days…  In short, getting old is not the end of the world...
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