Hark who's talking

 I remember the time when I was still studying in high school. At that time, I was listening to my teacher explained did-not-remember-what. I started to listen to her when she suddenly told us about her experience meeting a guy in public transportation. Of course up to now I have no idea why she decided to share the story. But anyway, while shuddering she said that was the most hairy guy she has ever seen in her life. As if not enough, she then animatedly describes more about that hairy guy in front of the class. I was sighing and looked the other way getting bored when finally my eyes met with my class mate. He stared at me smiling widely then his eyes looking at the teacher then back at me. And then he imitated the way our teacher telling the story while also mouthing silently, “Hark who’s talking…”

That’s when I suddenly realized that actually our teacher…could be say a female version of a hairy kind of people. She has this sort of like moustache and beard, but of course not as thick as men. And of course those on her arms also a bit thick from a far she looked almost tanned. As for her legs, I do not think I need to continue to explain about her condition.

Of course remembering that, I realized that we always successfully able to spot other people’s weaknesses or flaws or mistakes. But when it comes to our own, we hardly even see it. Wondering why… Perhaps it has been attached to us for as long as we can remember and therefore we never really thought about it? Or we always find excuses for every mistake that we have made? Amazingly always manage to create reasons for every inappropriate action that we have taken towards other people. Having too over confident about ourselves; which is actually very good but not when we laugh about other people being size 12 while we wearing size 14. And when people reminded us that we are no better than them, we will nonchalantly retort back,” But of course, I am! I am much more than her…”

I always wondering about those people who enjoying laugh at other people while we can find lots to laugh at as well on them. But then again, we just simply human who find that is a relieving that other people are having worst condition compare to ours. Feeling like, oh Thanks God I am totally not like her. Pfff, I am so grateful I am nothing like him. Makes us feel that we are a better person. Hopefully can cheer our boring and miserable life…

(psst, I confess. I still do that too sometimes. Still try to reduce this bad habit)

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