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 What is the standard of being beautiful? Do we all have the same standard all every person have their own?

In South East Asian countries whereas the people usually have darker or tanned skin, having a lighter glowing skin are really to die for. Just take example from adds on local tv station here in Indonesia. The tag line were sort of saying : IF YOU ARE NOT YOUNG LOOKING WITH WHITE SKIN AND HAVE NO LONG SOFT GORGEOUS HAIR THEN NO MEN WOULD WANT TO DATE YOU.

I still remember a former class mate of mine in the university. She is actually Chinese descendant however she has tan skin. And she lives in East Java for a long time and speaks with local accent. Obviously we thought she is an indigenous and surprise to find that she is not. She was probably tired to say that she is actually Chinese and when there was this add about whitening lotion she quickly bought it. I have no idea about that until one day she asked me whether she look brighter than usual. Sensing that she must be using a beauty product and need to know the result, I quickly lied and said yes. That was when she told me she has been using the whitening product and glad it has worked out for her. I really speechless because I was wondering whether she was embarrassed being known as a native Indonesian or she simply want her skin to become lighter than before. Of course none of us really buying that add. If the add probably emphasized that by using their product our skin will be healthier and we will look radiant…then probably we are going to buy it. But to change our dark skin into light smooth like Chinese or Korean or Japanese…, come on? Do you think we are really that idiot? 
My friend and I once offered to buy cosmetic made from ginseng in Korea. Saying that is the secret recipe of Korean women for being beautiful. My friend and I both sniggered and whispering to each other, that we are sure Korean women look like that because it is in their genes. And yeah, if we take that ginseng powder ever since we are little…then healthy skin surely is something that we are going to get. But not changing the color of our skin…, right?

If most of us Indonesian are dying to have skin like people in the East Asian countries, then as far as I know people in Japan are dying to have tan skin. Sighed. You know, if I am God who created human I will surely have a headache. I read that they are going to beauty parlor to get their skin tanned regularly from time to time. I also read that women from East Asian countries dying to have eyelids and therefore most of them have plastic surgery to get that. I saw it myself when I was in high school. Two of my classmate went to have plastic surgery to have eyelids. One becoming more gorgeous…the other…well…nothing really changed…IMHO.

I could go on and making a list about what women in other countries wants. If you read EMBROIDERY by Marjane Satrapi then you will know what Iranian women want to make them more beautiful and not hesitate to get plastic surgery to get it. But, you get what I mean… Sometimes, we just let the dissatisfaction rule our life and we just never have enough with everything we have.

We can have every plastic surgery to boost our confidence but (like I also keep on reminding myself) if we feel confidence about ourselves then we could look attractive for others… Of course for me there is nothing wrong to find something to make us look beautiful.  Just hopefully we all can be reasonable… And not forget to have our inner beauty glowing… 
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  1. Dea Says:

    I rmbr this Quota.. "being Old and Ugly is nothing to loose"
    but actually being old and Ugly is lose everything...
    :) yeah... no body perfect..!!

  2. bridge Says:

    hahahah....quite true

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