"I fell when I was walking on sidewalk..., " my friend told me about why she was walking as if she is in pain.

And you know what, the first question that came out from my mouth was, “Did someone see you?”

 Yeah, we really hate to stumble and just fall in front of so many people. It is too humiliating to just drop on your back on the sidewalk… Often we said here…the humiliation is unbearable instead of the pain. Very rare people would rush over to the person who just fall (unless they are elderly) and give a hand to help… Even if they do, they would probably have that smile like they were saying silently, “Oh, dear… Does it hurt? I betcha…”

I admit, I do find myself let out a laugh when I saw someone fall on the street… Mind you, I was meters away and just saw what happen from a café. That poor guy, stumble on something and within seconds he fell on the street. There was nobody there at that time, and he hurriedly got up… Checking if his pants were dirty or did he have any injuries for a second…then without glancing around he walked away as if nothing happened. Of course he has no idea that I was watching him and have a laugh.

Yeah, I do admit sometimes I enjoyed other people’s bad luck. Especially if I dislike that person or that person has hurt my feeling or have done something bad to me.
It was like a sick hobby of mine whenever I was in a very bad mood towards someone.

No wonder we sometimes prefer not to tell anyone about our misfortunes or problems as we will never know how other people react to our story. They could be feel sorry and do not know how to help. Others probably willing to help but do not want to look intrusive. The rest would just stay silent and have a good laugh inside and prepare to make that as their material for juicy gossip in the afternoon tea time.

It is important to us to act as if nothing happened and that we have a blast of time. We feel embarrassed if people know that we are actually having problem let alone need help. It is important for us that everybody know we are happy go lucky (thanks to so many social net workings that allowing us to update our happy status to the whole wide world) instead about our real situation. We also do not want everybody to think that we are such a whiny by sharing our problems. The good image about our life is so important that we are ready to pretend and wear mask to cover our sadness and pain. Up to the point where people does not recognize us for who really are. 

4 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Hmm.. iya yaa.. kenapa lebih banyak orang yang senang melihat kesusahan orang lain dibanding ngeliat orang lain senang? Hehehehe..

  2. bridge Says:

    perhaps it is a strange way of them to be thankful that it happened to someone's else

  3. meysha Says:

    :).....cemburu terhadap keberuntungan orang lain... I think normal... bisa jd pemacu semangat untuk berkembang...

  4. bridge Says:

    asal jangan berlebihan :)

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