Our appearance

Have you seen reality show like HOW DO I LOOK or other shows about people requested help from the fashion expert about how they should dress up?

First of all, we probably say indignantly like…what’s wrong with our appearance? Why we have to so busy thinking about how we should appear in front anybody? They have no right to judge me just from my appearance. They should get to know me better rather than busy pointing out what should I wear and such.

Yeah. Right.

Sadly, appearance does something that people look for getting that first impression. Naturally, after a while we can separate those are gorgeous but shallow from plain simple but brilliant. However, if you want people to attract with what your are selling or opinion then yes, appearance does becoming number one priority.

The show once gave example about a woman who dress…let us just say inappropriate for public display especially in front of children. This woman has great idea about sport program from kids. At first, the audience has not seen this woman. So the idea was presented by someone else. When the audience asked whether they like the idea and agree that their children would be participated…most of them say yes. But when that woman presented to the audience most of them change their mind. As they said they were not comfortable with the way she dress up and do not want their children hanging out with this woman. Pity, right? They have not known her very well and already judge her by her clothes.
The only people who able to tolerate us is only our friends as they have known us inside and outside. And they are also the one who know we are not as horrific as we look from our appearance.

Opposite from the above, I once took my parents dining out together in this fancy restaurant. At first we were excited with the meal because they were decorated so beautifully and tastefully. We have this some kind of imagination that when we start to put this food on our mouth we will have this exciting feeling… It turn out, the meals were not as good as their appearance. My Dad even commented that this is how people do nowadays. They are so busy with their appearance only. With the meal, the appearance was appealing but the taste was disappointing. They do not care about what’s important inside. What would you feel after that? You feel cheated, right? And probably would never want to go there anymore. Same with people, I suppose. We attracted to beautiful people but when we found out how gruesome they really are…we will extracted ourselves and would not want to have anything to do with them.

I think yes we should be bothered with our experience especially when our life depends on it. But let us not forget the beauty that comes from inside that is our personality. When we are able to combine them both, it will be perfection.

Easy to say rather than being done… Let’s try it together, shall we? ;)
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