After received my first salary the first thought that came into my mind was to take my parents and my sister to have nice lunch at this Chinese restaurant in our town. I was so happy that I finally have my own money so I told them to order whatever they want to eat. Well, within reasons of course… That time I did not have a credit card or anything that could save me if I run out of money.
Like I predicted they ordered meals that they always eats for years. But then, my Dad ordered something different. He asked the waitress to bring him three different kinds of drinks. Bewildered, I asked has he ever tasted all of them before? With smile on his face my Dad simply answered, “Nope… But then you are the one who is paying…so, I just want to try them all now…”

Well, yeah…sometimes we do not dare to try to dine in this new restaurant because well we do not know whether we will like whatever on the menu. Imagine if they are all a bit pricey for us… You do not want to risk to spend your money to something that will only makes you going to regret your decision. However, if it was on other people’s expenses…then we could just relax. We are probably going to try on that menu…with the bizarre kind of name or ingredients that we have never even heard before. I mean, you can eat like crazy and still hate the food but you do not need to pay for all of that. The burden to pay was on someone who has been nice enough to give you a treat.

In life, often we did something very irresponsible simply because we know that we are not going to be blamed for that. It would be someone else’s problem to take the fall and we can keep doing it again. No pressure attached because people would surely blame someone else… The burden of your mistakes were placed on someone else…probably your parents or your spouse or your subordinates.

Without knowing what are the impacts of our action often drive us to do unbelievable things. Thinking that it is okay and there was no pressure about it… So, if there is something wrong we will probably never know. And we will pass it on that kind of attitude to others…and not learning that there are consequences of our own actions. 
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  1. you didnt end up spending all your first salary on that restaurant, did you? hehee.. Thanks God it's your parents, if the ones you treated were your friends, and they did the same things as your father, that would be unpleasant. :)

  2. bridge Says:

    You are so right... If they were my friends, I would make sure not enlisted his or her name ever again in the future if I want to give out a treat :D

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