Recently I saw on TV a mother crying for her lost teen daughter. She said that by information from friends of her daughter, she went to see a guy she knew from Facebook. The guy promised to give her daughter handphone and Blackberry. And he also promised to give her money every week. When she showed up on television it was informed that her daughter already missing for about two weeks. 

When her mother crying to share her sadness on tv with the reporter, she said to her missing daughter that she will not be angry again with her. It seems her daughter has this habit to ran off from home every time she scolded by her mother. I feel sad watching that her mother feel the need to apologize in such a way. She probably fear for the worst that her daughter already been sold as prostitute in foreign country. Looking at her picture, the 13 years old girl is very pretty and looks a lot mature from her real age.

Anyway, only few days after the mother being interviewed on tv and showed the picture of her daughter…guess what…? The police successfully get the proprietor along with the girl…  Well, a girl being lost in space with a lot older guy for two weeks… I am sure you can already imagine what has happened to that poor girl. However, since she went voluntarily with that guy the police only charged him with having indecent relationship with under age girl. They could not charge him with kidnapping because it was the girl who asked that guy to pick her up since she was running away from home.

We may say anything like what in the heck she see in that ugly older guy? Oh, by the way just for information… That guy edited his photo so he look more handsome (please teach me how to do that! Kidding) and easy to lure his victim. Well, surely after meet him face to face that girl should wake up and hear the music, right? Nope. She went with him anyway. Since it is not his look that she wants then we could only assume this guy is sweet with words…

Many times we as an outsider saw unhealthy relationship because the guy cheated or violent with his girlfriend. But the girl just keeps holding on to the relationship. I suppose he really know how to sweep her over the heels. He controls them by keep on saying sweet words to them… It was his way to lure her in the first time (that and the fake photo making him look drop dead gorgeous). Then after she saw him for real he still manages to keep her stay with him. And may I add, not by force but simply by seducing her with more words to make her fly to the moon. She did not realize that her future already half ruin. The other half is depending on her family whether they will be able to support her and love her still.

It will not be easy to advise younger girl that THERE IS NO WAY A STRANGER WANTS TO GIVE EVERYTHING FOR FREE… And that we could not just spend the rest of our life consuming empty words for short term comfort. After all, can we say to ourselves that we are not going to be moved by appraising gentle words? 
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  1. meysha Says:

    its true,,,no 1...
    no 1

  2. bridge Says:

    Yes, but people with sweet words manage to get away with everything :(

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