Oh well… people talked about soul mate… Finding their half in this world... 

I think why people so eager to find their soul mate because they believe that will be the ending of their tiring agonizing experience in trying to find something right.

For the fun example, maybe I can use the experience of me with my Gemini Blackberry. I have wanted this gadget for ages but unable to afford it as they are very expensive. Why do I so eager to have it? Because I think it has everything that I ever needed for a gadget.

Well, okay… I admit I was not a business woman or something who need to carry high tech gadget all day long. And yet, I still want it sooo much ^___^
I remember my very first soul mate was this Nokia sliding mode type 6220…if I was not wrong. When I finally have it in my hands I promised I would never change it with something else…until comes the day I could not use it anymore. The sliding Nokia has a built in camera and took pretty pictures! I took so many pictures like crazy and it did not wait too long before the handphone get damaged. Therefore I need to replace it with something else.

After that I have been changing for various handphones before finally got my first Blackberry. It is affordable and has every functions that I needed. I can check my emails even none of them really that important (LOL!). I could browsing through the net whenever wherever I was not with my laptop. I could chat all day with friends who live outside the city or even in abroad. As the addition, there are built in camera and of course music and video player but I rarely use the last two. So, now I finally have everything I need in one gadget…why I even want to have another one?

Before meeting my soul mate gadget, I always feel hungry to see every new gadget that being promoted on media. Oh I want that one! No, I want this one! But, that one has everything except the radio…and so on… Now, my searching is over… I have got what I need…

I suppose that is the funny example about why people so eager to find their soul mate.

They want to feel they are now completed.

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