Speech, please...

 When someone that I used to know entered the word of politic, people asked around like whether that person has the capability to be granted that kind of position. Most of them know as well I do that this person not really smart. HOWEVER, this person has amazing ability to speak in front of so many people. 

Okay, you would probably wonder…what is so special about that? So what if this person has ability to speak in front of people? Anybody can do that, right?

Errr, nope. I am including one of those people who suddenly feel sweat running down my spine if I have to face so many people and have to give a speech. I would probably end up babbling and therefore people going to get bored and I think it will make me more nervous than ever.

Once I have to give presentation in front of my class and as you can imagine I was totally nervous… Felt like I was taking a bath after that presentation… I was sweating all over the place, totally humiliating. I could not stand the stare of other students while they were listening to my presentation. Probably because I did not find the subject of my presentation interesting enough (mind you, it was a class’s project)… And therefore not prepare myself with supporting information to back up my presentation. Naturally, I feel insecure about it… Or perhaps, I just find it hard to speak in front of so many people. Let alone came up with something interesting to nail their attention to me… In positive ways, I meant.

Not so many people have that gift… I think according to my parents, Indonesia’s first president : late President Soekarno was one of those who able capturing his audience with his speech. Amazingly, he just spoke all of that straight from his heart and mind. My parents said they hardly ever seen him bringing notes to be read while he gave out his speech to his nation. He spoke with integrity and full of conviction with what he has delivered to the public. He believed that what he was planning and fulfill and soon accomplished would be good for his nation. And people listening his speech with awe.

While the person that I have mentioned above…, may not be so clever… But have that ability to just speak in front of so many people without even a slightest hesitation on the face. You know the kind of person who speaks blah, blah, blah, from north to south but until they finished their speech…you still don’t get it but too tired to ask for confirmation? Well, but the courage to simply speak up, attract audience to pay attention, sticking up with your opinion, believe with your opinion…is really rare… At least for me, I admit that.

I think if one day I have to give out speech in front of so many people…maybe I will drug myself first… Hahahah… KIDDING! Or just simply take out my glasses so I do not have to see those faces clearly… No, no, no… That’s just another stupid ways… Anyone care to help? J
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  1. BabyBeluga Says:

    Unlike the one we are having here who can not deliver a speech without using a teleprompter. Even when he delivered a speech to some fifth graders, c'mon......

  2. bridge Says:

    NO COMMENT ON THAT ONE (evil grin)

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