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A few months ago people were shock to read that more than dozens of miners in Chile were trapped underground. They were pleading help to be rescued from there…but all of them knew…that’s not an easy task to do. I remembered that when I first read the news two months ago, the rescuers team said that it would need them four months to prepare everything… But the trapped miners begged to be rescued sooner than four months. And it turns out they were rescued out from the debris within two months…

When I finally saw that on the news, I was like…WOW! They finally got out! I could not even imagine how happy they were to be able to get out from a place far away from their families.

I wonder what have been going through their mind for all those time. They were unable to go out, they trapped into a limited space together 33 people, they could not enjoy every simple things that they usually able to see and hold and care. They could not see the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars…(sounded like a lame love songs), their families, their friends, and probably their pet… They probably keep on wondering whether they would be able to get out or have to meet tragic fate… Survive from the first disaster only to die slowly but sure together with their mates. But they tried to believe that good things will comes their way…

While outside, the Chilean President gave all out to rescue their miners. He did not care how much money that need to be spent to rescue those people. And he even cancelled all his trips just to ensure the rescue for all those miners going on smoothly. He managed to persuade the rescue team to get everything ready within two months as those miners begged to be rescued sooner.

I could imagine the pressure for the rescuer team… Naturally they want to make sure everything will be run smoothly. As this is the kind of ZERO MISTAKE situation. They could not tolerate any mistake and therefore in such a short time for them the task must be accomplished perfectly.

Funny for other people that time was so short but for others feels like forever. Imagine 24 hours for those miners…for them it feels like they have been there for ages. The same things go for their family. Will my husband or my son or my brother or my father would be able to get out from that place, alive? If yes, when will that be? What take them so long? Have they forgotten about us? Perhaps they just want to stalling the time hopefully we all just die in the waiting process?
But for the rescuer team 24 hours feel so short…, especially with the two months deadline. They would feel like there will be no resting time for them… They have to do their best to rescue all those people. Not just giving empty hope but really makes miracle. I have no idea how much prayers, sweat, thinking process and frustrated feeling that they have been through.

Anyway, I just want to say that rescuing process was like a miracle process for all of us as well… It’s like an impossible mission and yet they pull it through. With all prayers, countless efforts, support from their government and people from all over the world who offered help sincerely…those people were finally able to be together with their family.

Isn’t it nice when all people just united to do something better for helping other people with no hidden agenda or looking for propaganda? Why do we have to wait until something terrible happen then decide to forget all disagreement and work together?

Thank you for those Chilean people and the rescuer who shows us that miracle can happen if we work together despite our differences…

God bless you all…

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2 Responses
  1. Dea Says:

    yeah... i read bout that. Salute to mr president...
    can't imagine... 2 month under ground..

  2. bridge Says:

    me too... I think I would have gone insane

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