That was then this is now part 2

Hahahaha.... Yeah, this is another post from talking heart to heart with my Dad...

He told me that when he was a lot younger he was willing to be stationed anywhere... Willing to learn and take any kind of jobs no matter how hard it is... We all know that most of the time newbie at work get the worst job or have to go through the hazing process... Like you really have to start from the bottom like getting coffee for your boss or taking any kind of orders from your seniors and supervisors... And you just have to stand taking that kind of treatment to show others that you are serious in doing your job... And not being picky...

"And in return," my Dad said "one of my supervisor who just promoted to higher level remember my hard work... He made sure that I was enlisted to go on the job training to Netherland... So, you see that's why I always advice you to work with your heart and don't think too high of yourself... You are new and therefore to learn you really have to prepare yourself to learn from the bottom and do anything..."

So, smiling widely I said, "That was then... This is now..."

He looked at me, "Meaning?"

"Well, sure during your days...only few people really ready to work regardless their education... So, there were lots of jobs available but few qualified people..."

Remember, it was the moment when Indonesia just gained its freedom as a nation. Most youngsters probably passed away during the naturally there were few qualified people left to fill the job.

"Nowadays, many smart people graduated from university and hungry for jobs... There are probably thousands of them... But only few positions... We have to fight for it... And therefore people with high social skills manage to steal the attention.... "

P.S. Social skill also including sweet talk or kissing ass or whatever you want to call it...

"If we only ready to work, always available for work even if we are not feeling well, never argue with the supervisor, just stay silent....they will not remember us... Because we have becoming invisible... We are there but we are not really there... And we will stay like that probably for the rest of our life..."

My Dad sighed, "You do live in the hardest"

That's life.... Dad.... :) Reality bites you hard...
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  1. Hahhaaa, so true.. be a "penjilat" if you wanna have a good career. That's how it works nowadays, I supposed. :P

  2. bridge Says:

    ass kisser, you mean? :D

  3. yup2.. ass kisser *couldnt find a right word before, thanks :)

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