That was then this is now

I often went with my parents to the hospital for their regular check up. Since my Dad has this health insurance as for being a retiree from this company, going to the hospital is like a scheduled reunion between him and his former colleagues. Often my Mom knew several of them, probably met them when she went to the office to collect my Dad’s paycheck. Mind you, ages ago people still lining up in the office to collect their salaries. Not like nowadays where everything being done by transferring from that account to another. 
I rarely listened to his conversation with his buddies. I once heard him teasing his former colleague who has to use staff to help him walking, “You used to hold hand of pretty girl now you hold on to your dear life with a staff?” And then they laughed out loud though I did not find it funny but well...yeah a bit amusing...
Anyway, one day when my Dad and me were having our lunch at the cafetaria inside the hospital he met not only one but two former colleagues who knew each other as well. This time, in the middle of reading my book I half listening to their conversation.

They all agreed that most men nowadays think nothing but themselves. And most of all they can think nothing but how to get more money. Not to mention that those young men now are so cold and care less about anyone else. Very individualist and probably willing to stab others from the back. Then they reminiscing the old days when they were a lot younger. They are willing to lend hand to the other because they did not think about themselves. They think as one, if we all can work together then this work will be finished perfectly.
After they left, I asked my Dad were those men his subordinates? My Dad then replied they were his junior but since they have better education they could climbing the ladder to the higher position. But nevertheless, they still respect my Dad because he never hesitated to share his knowledge to his junior and subordiniates. He said people nowadays are too afraid to share their knowledge for fear loosing their jobs to someone new. Not to mention most youngster are now think nothing but money and money.

I smile widely and said to him,” Dad, life is hard these days... Yeah, during your time your generation have to face the war and situation after the war... But, right now we have different problems. There are many unemployments but only few available jobs. Naturally when we finally have it viciousness has become our instinct to survive...”

He asked me,”So, did you hold back your knowledge to your junior?”
“Depends, “ I shrugged... “If they are willing to learn more and politely ask then I will give them all I know... But if they are acting like a jackass...even if they are my superior...then I would not tell them all... Let them sweat a bit...”

He sighed... ,”I guess it is a different world nowadays... People forget to connect with the others due to financial problems and demands... If they think about the other, they afraid they will not going to get any...”

Like I said, life is hard nowadays...
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    (sigh) is hard...very hard...

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