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What is the boundary of being polite and a common practice?

Today, I was sitting alone enjoying my coffee at Starbuck. When I arrived I immediately sat at my fave place around the corner of the café. There is this one table and three empty sofas. I occupied one sofa and open my book and start reading. Then suddenly a woman just sat in front of me without saying anything. After a while her friend sat on the other sofa. From their language I learned that they are foreigner.

I was saying on my twitter that how rude these two women just sat on the sofas located near me without even saying anything… Like excuse themselves or something like that… What if I was waiting for a friend who would occupy that seat? Should I simply tell her to go away? 

My friend then said that it is a common practice outside Indonesia… So, it was only natural those foreigners assume that it is also applied in Indonesia

I was thinking like, really? But isn’t that a bit rude? Perhaps because I was sitting at the café which less formal compare to the restaurant? So, sitting at the café like Starbuck is more or less the same like you are having lunch at the food court where strangers usually just share the same table?

So, what is really the boundary then? I am asking because I still thinking they were impolite… Ehm, this is one of signs that I am getting old as I really easily irritated lately… Sighed…
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  1. BabyBeluga Says:

    I am not sure if that is a common practice over here to just sit without even asking if the seats are occupied or not. Just plopping herself there just so rude....... If I were you, more likely I would tell her that I am waiting for some friends even though I am not just because...

  2. bridge Says:

    Yeah... Well, since I hardly ever going abroad I could not argue with my friend about though I insisted that I still think is rude... Actually it did cross my mind to say that to them...but then I decided not to... It turn out they only sat there for about 10 minutes... Probably sensing my glaring at them once in a while :D

  3. Indah Says:

    Rudee.. rudee.. it's rude, ahahaha :D

  4. manner nya itu yg kudu ditatar ya. hehee..

  5. bridge Says:

    @Indah & Cerpenis emberrrrrr :D

  6. Virtualust Says:

    Commonly they are just pura2 ga tau, and then bammmm, they will occupy your space. Well...sing sabar aja :).
    Btw, nice to meet you, I love your blog, very original and well written.

  7. bridge Says:

    Thank you for spending your time reading my blog ^___^

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