Emotional control...zero :(

I have to admit embarassingly that I have no emotion control whatsoever whenever I was in total panic...

A few days ago I bought an HP printer for myself. Considering that I am a total moron related to technical matter, I asked the sales person to install it on my notebook. He warned me that since the inks have been placed inside the printer, I have to be extra care carrying my printer home. Got it... Noticed... Understood.

But two days later when I tried to print something the print wouldn't work. It keep on blinking as a sign that there must be something wrong. To my annoyance, there was no information what kind of error that I have to deal with. I tried to call the sales person and he told me to bring the printer to their store again. What are you nuts? Do you think my home and your store only several meters away? I almost screamed at him as he keep on telling he would not know the problem unless he see it for himself.

So, I called my friend who use the same brand. She suggested me to try re-install the program. So, I did. And I tried to test print again. That was when everything clear. There was this error notification that informed me I should shut the door at the printer near. It turn out I open both door thinking that the paper will have to come out from there...

That's it.

My friend, laughing out loud listening to my confession... I totally ashamed to my outburst... That was only a little matter and yet I have loose control on my emotion... I really should learn how to tone down a bit... Sighed...

Changing to the new way

When I first using new version of airplane ticket, I have to admit that I was a bit scared.

It was only a confirmation from the airline that me and my friends have bought these tickets to Bali and back to Jakarta. We only need to print out the confirmation to be shown when we were about to check in at the airport.

Usually we have that that old version of ticket that has been given directly from the airlines or by the travel agent. Now, we just need to print out by ourselves and there... it is a valid ticket already!

picture taken from http://warungbarangantik.blogspot.com

I was totally relieved when the airline officials acknowledged the print out as valid tickets for the four of us... Totally tacky of me.

Now, I totally have a hard time to convince my parents that the print out IS a VALID AIRPLANE TICKETS. They were like, really? What if they reject me in the airport? I guess, to see is believing and therefore we have to wait until the departure time.

My parents also complaining about how most airplane does not serve meals on board. While for us, well for heaven sakes the journey will only take 2 hours at the most... If we are that hungry, then just get something to eat before we are on the plane...

I suppose if we are used to a certain things for a long time it will be hard for us to accept the new way... But then again, we have to live by it... ^___^

moderate comments

USUALLY, I have never ever moderate any comments on my blog... Considering that hardly people ever read here...or my other blog... Plus, most of my friends hardly blogging. They often confuse whenever they tried to give comment but have to type verification words...and if the comment did not show automatically they get confuse again...

So, I have tried hard to make everything more simple. Most of my friend type anonymously to comment but leave their name on the box-comment. So, I knew from whom the comment came.

A few days ago I received a comment on my other blog from anonymous person who I think misinterpret my writing. I dislike pointless argument with someone I have no idea about. Especially that someone did not leave his or her identity. I decided to delete that comment and put a warning that next time any comment from anonymous person will be deleted. My friend choose option anonymous but they always leave their names. And I also decided to turn on the moderate options for comments. And you know what, that person came back and told me I was childish to delete his/her comment. Well, it is MY BLOG. I will decide which comment appropriated to be shown to the public... And which one that only try to provoke silly argument...

Thank goodness for that moderate option so I can avoid annoying people in the future.

Megaria aka Metropole..

I used to go here ever since I was still toddler with my parents. Though I did not remember what was my first movie in this theater but I remembered all the happiness that my parents and I share...

The name of this theater has been frequently changing from originally Metropole then Megaria (as our first president was not allowing western names to be used on anything) then change again to Metropole... It has been years since the last time I saw movie in this theater. Merely because like any other people nowadays I prefer watching movie at the mall. Before watching the movie we could grab something to eat. And after the movie we could sat down at any cafe sipping coffee or hot chocolate with friends.

But since I have spare time now...I started to think rather than I have to go to the mall... then why not try to watch it here again? So there I went... And I love it... Sure it was not as fancy as the other theater but that's okay... It saved a lot because I will not be able to browse around the mall before and after watching the movie...

Metropole...or Megaria... now I am your biggest fans again :D

Simply different

It is always nice to read a motivation story or story about how the nature has to go through a painful process before reaching its beautiful looks.

I think somewhere I have read about how a person try to help a bird getting out of it’s egg. He saw how the baby bird struggle to get out and so he decided to help the little creature. The result, he has successfully let the bird out but the bird unable to stand at all. As the process of getting out was the process to strengthen it’s legs… Well, I forgot the complete story or whether this story is true or not. In short, we should not be giving up when we find ourselves in trouble. Our way to deal with the problem will make us stronger than before.

I used to like reading those kind of stories or about how a kid that has been blind ever sine she was a baby still able to reach something in her life. Because her mother teaches her that she should not surrender to her condition. But it should make her stronger. Reading that kind of stories often make me embarrassed because someone who has disability still able to achieve something in her life. And what about me who though not perfect but still in better condition compare to her or others like her?

Then again, I think that no matter how much inspiring stories or beautiful quotes that we read it would not do us any good if we don’t start to do something to get our wishes. Yeah, sure reading those inspirational stories is a necessity so we could learn and know that there are so many other people out there able to do something despite their disability. But, is that all we can do? Collecting stories? Collecting quotes and memorize them all in our mind? What good that will do if we do not do something for ourselves.

We should admire those people because their achievement but don’t compare about our situation with theirs. After all, everyone lead a very different path of life. So, that person could have everything at the age of 16. We can’t just adore them blindly or simply impressed with their stories but do nothing to our own achievement.

Everybody has different stories and different problems… Make your own stories, your own quotes and your own achievement.

today I sent an inspirational story to a friend and she found out after browsing that the story is a hoax 

to serve instead to be served

One day in the church the priest once told us something interesting.

People who have been trusted by the other members of the church and join to help the priest to serve people often act as if they are the righteous people on earth. They demand respect from the people that they should have been guiding. During the mass, they even sat in front of the people as if they are in this respective board of committee who has power above others.

Funny thing about those bunch of people who should represent the people but demand a lot like to be respected, addressed as if they are from royal family. They probably have a fantasy that they are really a royal family. Whenever they come out from their nest, there are dozens of people around them. Those people include assistant, assistant, private assistant, secretary, bodyguards. They feel important to use expensive car being guarded by the police. They enjoy the feeling of being important. They truly forget the real reason people chose them. And that is to represent the people’s need. To serve the people as they are the shepherd to guide us the lambs to the right way that our Lord teach us.  

Whenever I read the newspaper about their behavior such as not attending important meetings, or sleeping all the way through the meeting, or chatting on the phone, browsing the internet, I often wondered…we really have been fooling ourselves. Thinking those people would do their job and pay attention to what is the need of the people.

In the old days, reporters are not as free as today. So I suppose this kind of behavior has been going on for ages. But since we have never known about it, we hardly care. Beside, as I could recall…life was better. We have good exchange rate against USD, all prices not as high as today (like the price of gasoline, rice and other needs).

But now, reading all those stories about how our representative behave like people who have no shame at all…getting me wonder… What’s the point knowing all of that? Is not that they are going to realize how degrading their behavior are but they are going to dismiss those facts. As if we the people overreact about them. That they have acted based on the law without even bother that people might get hurt. We are dying here and you use all that money to have fun in the name of compare studying? Seriously?

You may sit in that soft high position right now… But let us see how long you are going to sit there… Eventually you are going to get old and have no power whatsoever. You will also becoming the people who could watch in vain how their representative having a blast while others are vanishing due to the pain they have to endure. 

Harry Potter part 1...for the year 2010

Taken from : http://www.mediaindonesia.com/read/2010/11/23/183479/62/10/Harry-Potter-Raih-US330-Juta-di-Box-Office-Global

Finally I went to see Harry Potter today and I love it! It is so dark just like the book as the last chapter will be the one on one battle between Harry and his long time enemy : Lord Voldemort. Unfortunately for me and the audience, this movie is the first from two parts of it. So, I have to wait patiently until next year. CRAP.

Anyway, I noticed the difference between people who have not read the book and me as one of many people who has read it. When I watch the movie, I anticipated every scenes to be compared with the book. So, if I read on the book Harry Potter and his friends entering the Ministry of magic... I was expecting that the scene would be the same as the book... Though not entirely but the modification is good :) While three teen girls sat beside me apparently have not read the book at all. So, they were sort of asking each other who was this person or that one... They screamed when several scene frightening them... I was like...OOOOKAAAAYYY....

Overall I like the movie because it was very tense. But, I think this movie is not suitable for little children because it was too dark at least for them. And the look of voldemort probably enough to make those children have nightmares on their sleep.

Truly love the movie, I am not going to mind to watch it again...and so looking forward to see the next chapter.

Wondering why...

  My Dad said that people are simply different. Some people know how to pay back all the helps that they have received. But others are simply can’t get enough.

I notice for some cases related to unmarried woman with many of her siblings. Since she does not have her own family then to her family she has to be the responsible one to take care the entire family. Like if her nieces or nephews need money to pay their school tuition then their parents who are her siblings just asked her to pay for it. Usually they would start by saying,” You have no kids so you have your money for yourself. Then you have to help your other family”

Not that I against helping others especially your own siblings, but seriously if you have the courage to get married and have kids then why you have to poke around your unmarried sibling? Since she has no family of her own then does not mean she is going to have fun all by herself by wasting her money. She needs to have enough funds for herself in the future. Not so sure that her-craving-for-money-relative are going to remembered all the kindness that she has given to her family and willing to take care her in the old days.

Your unmarried sister is not your walking saving accounts or santa claus. Who will just grant your wishes without you have to work for it… Beside, isn’t that a bit weird to depend on your unmarried sister? Shouldn’t you be the one who is taking care of her instead of using her to finance all your needs? And like I said before, if you manage to get married then you should be preparing that by yourself and not bickering to your unmarried sister saying how wonderful her life is for not having other mouth to feed and asking for more and more money.

You take her help as her responsibility. You did not feel grateful because you always suspicious that she do not give you enough and still keeping more for herself. Well, hello? Is her money…isn’t it? Why are you being ungrateful? Everything in this world is not about you and your family… She has her own life to live with and actually she could just ignore you. If you have your own family then it means you are by all means an adult…
Or perhaps you are just aging but never grow up inside and keep on being selfish and ungrateful for the rest of your life? What kind of example you will be setting for your children… I will keep on wondering…

Congrats to the unexpected team :)

Hearing that Indonesian Dragon Boat team manage to wipe out three gold medals in Asian Games really makes me realize that getting all the attention and facilities does not automatically makes people motivated to do something good.

*picture taken from http://www.kompas.com*

I heard that the Dragon Boat team almost not being sent to the Asian Games. The committee probably feels that there are too many people to be sent while the chance to get gold medals was still unsure. So, they prefer to send athletes who surely going to get GOLD MEDALS. Yeah, right.

After not getting gold medals for ages, I think they should stop giving extra treatment and facilities to those athletes who unable to give anything for their countries. Like those badminton athletes! I think they are really overrated; getting too much comfort, accept too many special treatments but only a few of them return it with their achievement. The others are only know how to act like celebrity who always craving for attention.

The athlete and the committee and all the people behind them should be embarrassed. Honestly, sending people to join competition is not cheap. Please stop sending people who probably still connected to that person or this person, or just based on like or dislike. But people with achievement and talent and willing to do hard work in order to make their nation proud.

This is just another proof that accepting all nice treatment, bonuses, and facilities does not mean those people automatically will give something back. They merely just enjoy the facilities and becoming spoiled. Probably these spoiled brats is whining too when they were pushed to practice hard by the trainer. Please stop saying that other countries do it better because they have better facilities. 

But then, even with all talents and capability that those athletes have it won't do them much good if people who should be responsible for them unable to do their job and be as objective as they could. Don't choose someone because she is someone's niece, or choose that person because he is simply have rich parents. Please pick and trained people that have the right to earn that. 

CONGRATULATION TO THE WINNING TEAM and others who manage to achieve above target.

Pursuing your dream

I went to have a chit chat with one of my online friend who happens have self publishing her book. The book is a compile of her short stories and her very short stories.

Since she has shared a lot about the self publishing on her blog, I also asked her about her parents reaction. She is now in her last semester to become a dentist. Laughing, she said that her parents does not mind as long as she could finish her study. I told her hopefully she could do both in her life. Be a succesfull writer and a dentist as well.

From that conversation, we both agreed that if you have a dream to pursue you have to at least have friends who share the same passion with you. Otherwise, if you talk about your dream with people who has no imagination about it...then you probably have already guessed what kind reaction you are going to get...




And there will be many more to come...

The downside thing is since your friends also sharing the same passion with you and is about to begin the same journey to reach the dream, then you probably have no idea what obstacles lie ahead. However, if you are listening too much about the obstacles and other not so promising stories it will probably blow your spirit away and you are going to have doubts whether you have choose the right path or otherwise.

Anyway, you are the one who is having a dream to be pursued. If you do not believe in your own dream, then what's the point of pursuing it?

Good luck to Vira Cla for keep on pursuing it with her first self publishing book through Nulis Buku under title : LAJANG JALANG

Want other people's belonging

My friend once told me that when she visited a department store, she realized that there was this discount event and therefore without wasting anymore minutes...she went right on to find anything that she could get.

After circling around the place she manage to find a cute pink jumpsuit that fit her perfectly. Then suddenly she heard a woman asked the sales clerk where she could find this pink jumpsuit with size "S". The sales clerk then said,"Oh there was only one left and that lady already taken it" and pointing to my friend.

For the next thirty minutes that lady keep stalking my friend in hope that my friend will drop the jumpsuit so she could snatch it... Naturally, this act only made my friend held the jumpsuit tighter and not want to let go... Finally that woman give up her stalking and my friend hurriedly paid the jumpsuit and went home happily.

Whenever we saw something that already in other people's possesion...suddenly that thing becoming valuable in front of our eyes. If that thing just laying there we probably not going to take any notice. And when finally decide to have that thing and realized that there are other people want it as well, then we realize that this thing is valuable and will never ever going to let go...

But perhaps..., don't mess up with any women when it comes to shopping on discounted prizes


Me and my friends have been waiting for this movie for ages… But I do not think I want to go watch this movie on weekend.

Ever since I quit my job I would rather do my activities during weekdays. Naturally, the downside point is I should be prepare to go home around 3 PM before people going home from all over places and all public transportations would be nightmare on the street. Pack with full of people along with them are pickpockets as well. Or I just stay at the mall until late at night to ensure that the street would be a bit emptier.

Same thing with going to the mall for looking on special discount (yeah, I still love hunting things with cheaper price). I remembered when malls in Jakarta start to make discount event for the first time. Usually they started the event on Friday and will end in Sunday. My friends and I went to the mall after office hour and found ourselves with headache. Too many people rush on shopping as if there is no tomorrow. They were running here and there, they keep on trying to find something interesting from piles of clothes that already look so messy for me. And finally my friends and I gave up. We were exhausted already from the office and seems have no stamina to deal with this. Then we have to face traffic jam around the mall as more people still coming for the discounted items.

If you decided to watch a movie on weekend then get ready to spend hours lining up to buy tickets for it. Especially movies that people have been waiting to see like for example Pirate of the Carribeans, Lord of the Ring and now the last edition of Harry Potter. Unfortunately the second part of it will be released next year, so again adoring fans will have to wait that long before finally able to see the movie.

I remember when I used to queue with my friends for movie tickets. Sometimes we have to come home and not watching movie at all. Or often, because we already too tired to stand in line for a long time, we decided to sit separately inside the theatre just as long as we would be able to watch the movie. Or worst, we just bought the ticket where we have to sit on the second line from the screen. You could imagine how cranky our neck after watching the movie. Especially watching movie with 3D screen, it was not a lovely experience.

So, I think I will wait patiently until next week and just watch the movie with not so many people around me hunger to get in the line first just for the name of movie… (Funny…, I was doing it too!)

Multi Level Marketing...hmmmph...

  I know that people has the right to find income the most decent way they could ever come up with. But it is also my right to not like the way those people do whenever they have joined an MLM group. MLM as we know is Multi Level Marketing. They sell products and recruiting people to become their downline. The person who is able to recruit more and more people will be rewarded by receiving point. Thus, their income increasing magnificently.

Though I do understand that increasing income by recruiting more people made them go wild in finding more people to recruit them…I totally despise their way towards other people. They really go all the way to recruit people. And that including lying as well.

A few years ago, my mother was approached by our neighbor offering alternative medication for her and for me. She eagerly accepted the offer as they said it is not expensive compare with medication bill from the hospital. The place was so freaking far away from our home and I totally cursed the day that woman approaching my Mom. Sure, the alternative medication is not expensive. But THE MEDICINE that we have to buy along with the membership of that MLM really emptying my pocket in just few seconds. It turn out…both of my Mom and me did not get better. In fact, my Mom admitted to the hospital thanks to that stupid MLM organization. I warn my Mom NOT to talk to that damn neighbor EVER. Who knows, once we act normal towards her again she will immediately trying to sell another product. She is really shameless and heartless as she only thinking about making profit for herself by taking advantage on other people.

My friend told me another story. Her school mate from kindergarten called her asking how is she and asking for a meeting. She said she would love to catch up with my friend. Thinking that it would be lovely to talk about old times she agreed to see her. You know what, within seconds her old school mates suddenly brought two of her upliner and they went straight on explaining about their business and such. My friend then texting her hubby to call her and when he did, she pretend that her hubby already at the car park to pick her up. Without saying another word, she walked out from that ambush.

Last one, once I was contacted by school mate from high school asking to see me. At first I was very excited and said yes. But then two days before our catching up, she asked me to confirm whether I really able to go or not. When I asked why I need to confirm to her she then said she need to confirm my attending to a meeting. I quickly realized that she is another MLM agent and immediately I told her I could not confirm. In the end, I even cancelled our meeting. Sighed…

I suppose they need to be aggressive, shameless and heartless in pursuing their prosperity. And hopefully I will not turn into be one of them just in the name of money and traveling around the world for free...

Maid abused - AGAIN

Before I start my rants, just wanna wish you all Selamat HARI RAYA IDUL ADHA bagi yang merayakan.

Recently I read the news that there is another Indonesian maid being abused brutally by the family that hired her in Arab Saudi. This is her recent photo taken from Jakarta Globe 

Naturally, there is no more to say than the person who tortured her inhumanly must be really vicious or cruel and really have no appreciation for human life.

But anyway, we have to see several facts about Indonesian people working in abroad.

Many of them willingly work as illegal worker in foreign countries. Therefore naturally they feel afraid to report any abuse or mistreatment to the Indonesian authorities. They realized that they came to that country illegally and therefore they are already breaking the law. Plus, usually since they entered the country illegally all their documents were being kept either by the agency or their employer.

Second, most of them are probably illiterate and unable to speak any foreign language let alone Arabic. Can you imagine going to the foreign country but unable to speak other than your own native language? How in the heck are you going to communicate with your employer and vice versa? Through telepathic by looking at each other and you like…oh, okay…you want me to do this and that. Or perhaps through hands making all signs to ensure all people understand each other. I mean, really?

Third, since they are illiterate, entered the country illegally, nobody give them any training whatsoever about anything that they have to face. My mom said Indonesian people are known for being TOO friendly. If we meet people, we acknowledged them by smiling. If we have no idea what they are talking about, again…we just smile. If we are not agree with other people, before arguing back…we smile… Other people might interpret that smile incorrectly. Some might think the maid is flirting with all the men in the house though sincerely she did not mean that. In short, those differences in culture were never explained to them and therefore they just walk blindly to the unknown.

Fourth, I once read that there was a maid not happy with the work situation in Arab Saudi and she ran for help to the embassy. The employer said since they have paid for her, if  she do not wish to continue working there then the employer must get a replacement. Compare that with the situation in Indonesia. Mostly employer would rather lose the money through the naughty agency rather than being hassled more and more by them.

Either way, if that maid considered impolite, like to flirt, stupid (if she is clever do you think she want to be beaten up like that?) and unable to perform any works then just sent her home and claim for replacement for heaven sake. Do you really need to beat her like that and scar her forever?


 People always saying not to go to the hairdresser when you are in a really bad mood... Like for example if you have a broken hearted and need something to forget the whole bad things... You decided you should cut your long beautiful hair becoming short. It turn out the short style really not for you and you walked out from the beauty parlor with regrets.

But what if the hairdresser is the one who has bad mood? Or perhaps you dining in a restaurant. You have been there for a couple of times and you love the food. But that night, everything taste so awful. Either you are in bad mood yourself and unable to taste the food as they are all seems bitter to you. Or the person who cooked that meal was not in a very good mood and affected his works. Either way, when you are doing anything out of impuls due to your bad mood or anger...mostly it would not end very well.

You will not be able to focus or concentrate on what you are really want to do. In the end, bad result is surely something you are going to get...

I guess our mood really affected us in such a way that it could ruin everything if we are not careful with it... Sighed... And to think that I am such a moody and impulsive person... Perhaps that's why I have never finished everything that I started? *THINKING HARD*


When my friend suggested that we have dinner at THE VALLEY located around Dago Atas I was a bit surprised. Considering that she has been in Bandung so many times...I thought she would have bored to go there... But she said that she never spent a night in Bandung whenever she went with her hubby. So, it has been ages since the last time she eaten there... And that was with me and my other friend :) I always loves dining there though the meals were not the kind that send you jumping for joy. But it is okay...though it is a bit pricey.

The driver that driving us from the car rental said that he was surprised to know that Jakartan people knew about this place... He is resident in Bandung but that was the first time he went to that place. The road was dark as located near the highland... Unless you really know where exactly you want to go, you could get lost for hours.

So what is so great about the place? If we see these picture taken from the year 2006...there is nothing special about the place.

But wait until the night come. All lights shimmering mesmerized us the visitors. After a while, we would not care whether the meals are expensive or we could hardly see the meals since we chose to eat out in the dark... It was supposed to be romantic moment for the couple but surely made our eyes soring when we tried to read the menu. Not to mention the cool breezing wind enough to make you shivering. 

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the meal... And I would not mind going back there again in the future... As I LOVES the hot chocolate soo much :)

Toko Yu

When I just arrived in Bandung last Thursday I decided to grab a bite of burger so I am not going to get hungry soon. So, when my friend suggested that we have lunch at Toko Yu but we have to find the restaurant first, I did not mind. I was not in a hurry to have meals anyway. So, the information given that the restaurant located behing Borromeus Hospital. But after we look around the are there was no restaurant by that name. My friend suspected this old house but since it was surrounded by street vendor we decided to get a move on. After we circling the road twice, an additional information were given that the restaurant has no name in front of it. People just knew it the name is TOKO YU. Oh dear... It turn out my friend was right about her suspicion. Oh well, at least we found the place.

After parking the car, we entered the old house and found that there were so many people already have lunch inside. We ordered noodles and yamien and fried meat ball. The last one made from shrimp so it was good :) The noodles and yamien are all delicious. You see, for me if a restaurant could not make a decent noodles for us to eat...then I would not trust that restaurant to be able to cook other meals... (I won't say the name...)

Then for closing, we ordered ice cream... It was a wonderful lunch and I think I am looking forward to have lunch there again next time:)

Of course hopefully we won't get lost in the future due to the restaurant has no name or any sign indicating that the name is : TOKO YU.

Meeting and traveling

A friend once asked when I was traveling would I prefer to meet someone new during my vacation or seeing someone that I have already known. Either from internet or regular mail.

I think I prefer to meet someone that I have known from my corresponding. Ages ago when I was traveling to Singapore, I have my first meeting with one of my penpals. She is a Japanese woman who married Singaporean guy and they brought their cute son to see me. After all these times we only communicate through letters... So, it was kinda fun to finally have the chance to see her in person.

My wishes that I could see more of my penpals... But as times goes by I have lost contact with most of them... So, it was a pity though...

Anyway, a few days ago I have the chance to see another blogger while I was hanging around with my friends in Bandung... Though it was a short meeting but I was happy we finally able to see each other ;) Unfortunately the food at that cafe were so-so... The only thing that made me glad we chose that place because my friend live only 20 minutes from that cafe. Hmmm, maybe next time we can stroll the city together :)

Love and jealousy

  Love and jealousy once combined together could result deadly...

A few weeks ago people were surprised by a cold blooded murder of a fifty years old man. At first nobody knew who the killer as his body was found mutilated already. But soon police managed to find bits by bits of important clues. The murderer was none other than one of his so many wives. If you were asking how on earth a man with so few of income manages to have so many wives…well, don’t ask me. But anyway, the wife who killed him said to the police that she was out of control when she finished her husband. She could not bear that her husband having another woman, again… And yet he has promised her that he would not find more wives.

The interesting thing I read from daily newspaper KOMPAS (but I forgot the exact date). One of the expertise said that if ANOTHER woman thinks that the man they SNATCHED from other woman WOULD STOP his adventure then they are FOLLING THEMSELVES.


But I think is true… Honestly, are they really think that the man they snatched from other woman is just going to stop? That he was having an affair because his first wife not pretty? Not understand him? Unable to give him children? What give you the audacity to think that you will be his last because he has find everything in you? Dream on…

It was such wise words for people who like stealing things for a living but do not wish his belonging being stolen by others…

And naturally to men out there… Be careful… You will never know that one of your wives is pissed with you and decided to send you to hell earlier so nobody else could have you…

Ah, love is a wonderful and also frightening thing…

Money rule the world

A friend of mine who once teaching in this school for rich kids… 

One day she told me that one of the kids insulted her about money. That kid drove Porsche to school and he mocked my friend,” Ma’am, you may works all your life but you will never ever be able to buy a car like that…”
Hiding her anger, my friend simply retorted back, “Well, but that’s not your own car… It belongs to your parents…”

The other time she punished those naughty students by giving them more homework. It turn out the parents did not like that so they complained to the principal. So my friend being summoned to the principal and were told not to punish those kids ever again.

“But they were being rude and naughty… They hardly paid attention to my lessons…” my friend argued to the principal.
“You have nothing to worry about… These kids come from wealthy families. Heck, their parents are the owner of this school… So, unless you want to continue teaching here…”

The warning has been so blatant my friend really felt that her idealistic about teaching are now so pointless.

I saw that from another point of view…

No wonder I saw so many people thinking that with money they can buy almost about everything…
So, since they have the money or should I say…THE WORLD…then obviously they would be wondering…

Congratulation to all of us for being responsible in creating a useless young generations to lead the future of this country…

Pffff….  *being cynical*

Tone of your voice

  Previously we talked about how me and my colleagues received training to greet on people over the phone.

I forgot to mention about the tone of our voice.

Yeah, the tone… The tone will give indication whether the people over the phone are actually smiling or not…

If your friend picked up the phone and she answered you cheerily, you probably just asked…,”Wow… You sounded so happy… You have any good news to be shared with me?” And she probably is going to tell you over an hour about how happy she knew that her project finally finished and received good responses from her superiors. But a few days later when you called her again and she just answered your phone with a voice like her life has been taken by force…you probably guessed things suddenly turn for the worst. And it turn out that even your friend’s project was good but her competitor done it better. So, no promotion for her this year and it made her gloomy. You could detect whether she was happy or sad just by hearing the tone of her voice.

When answering the phone we were advising to sound happy instead of gloomy. Like hey, you calling me to get my help right? I am here… I am all yours… Something like that so the caller would feel he or she has called the right number. Don’t even think to let the sound of your yawning or stretching your body to be heard by the caller. They would automatically think you are lazy and what in the heck this company think by hiring you? If you sounded upset then they will think you are completely rude and have no manner at all. And soon the caller will also be upset for no clear reasons.

I suppose tone is infected to one another in such a strange way ;)


A few years ago, the place where I work for decided to give us a training how to receive telephone calls and the right way to greet people.

At first, we were like… what? Really? We need training to greet other people? They must be kidding, right? Especially when I saw the whole sentences that I need to say to the customer:

“Good morning (or afternoon or whatever…), this is an X company Y dept, how may I help you?”

I mean, that is a long sentence for a greeting, right? Not to mention that we have to sound happy when we say it as the customer will pick it up from the sound of our voice.

At first I thought that were ridiculous but then again I change my mind.

If you calling someone and they answered to your call rudely what would you feel? You would be wondering what was wrong with that person? Is he or she in such a bad mood so they forget their manner and just blurted it out whatever on their mind? And what if that person represented a company or a brand name? What other people would think with such a rude person taking calls from (probably) future customers? Didn’t they have people to teach that kind of things?

Greetings, sound so simple and yet not everybody possess it.

We could start it from the morning when we see our parents or our family. Up to the moment when we see our colleagues and friends and certainly our boss. When we greet other people it is sort we acknowledge their present. And whether the tone indicating closer relationship or otherwise that would be another story.

Beside for me, greeting sometimes is one of many ways to try to open a conversation with someone totally new.

For some greeting or opening conversation sounds like old school but I totally disagree. Nobody want to be addressed rudely even if we did not see the receiver in person. Especially when see each other face to face.

In short, rude talk is degrading yourself. 


After reading my friend's blog I suddenly think why on earth Indonesian people celebrate Halloween recently...

First, I think we should be "THANKING" the people who responsible bringing this celebration here to Indonesia... You know... Malls, merchandiser and many others who have done marvellous job in creating halloween atmosphere to attract youngsters...
If they have no idea how to create events that attract young people, who is going to buy their products? Ehm, remember Valentine Day?

Second, well I think most youngsters love being scared off. I have younger cousin who loves horror movies. Not to mention my nieces. Naturally, none of them can sleep peacefully at night after watching horror movies. And yet, the first thing that comes in their mind if I ask what kind of movie do you like...HORROR MOVIE is their very first answer.

So, the love of every horror flicks and the chance to celebrate it by being one along with friends... Halloween seems a very perfect celebration regardless the real meaning. What could be more fun than being with your friends, dress like crazy in the name of celebration that you have no idea whatsoever?

Aren't you just looking forward for the next Halloween to come? Wondering if Indonesian ghosts could compete with those from abroad... KIDDING.


A friend of mine gave me this interesting link about removing the so-called friends from our social networking.

I think in our life there were times we also got removed by someone that we know and I hardly asked why they removed me.

Obviously they probably think I was never in good relationship with them anyway, or rarely say hi to their wall or even try to make a slightest connection.
So, remembering that yeah I hardly try to contact them I could not really blame them if they delete me from their life.

Now, I have been considering to remove few people from my list. I have done that to several of them from my BBM list because simply they have never contacted me other than the first time they asked for my pin. After that I hardly ever heard from them and see no point to keeping them on my list.

Long ago, every December I would check on my phonebook located at my handphone and deleting names who hardly contacted me or the one that myself do not remember the person. You know sometimes along the way you met someone like electrician or hairdresser and decided to keep their contact number. But after a while we sort of forgot about them. So, rather than make my phonebook full with names that I have already forgotten...better to delete them once and for all.

And now, in our social networking. That's kinda tricky because I sort of need audience right now... hahahhaha... But to think again, if they do not bother to check on me at least once in a month then how could I depends on them to help with my page : (

Logically if they do not even remember that we existed then we are nothing but a number to make it look that they have huge scale of friends. Nothing more and nothing less. The fact that we have mutual friends does not guarantee they will care about us.

So, yeah...sorry people... It's deleting time:) And I am sure you are not going to be offended considering that we hardly ever made any contact even only to poke one another...


Human and pet

I remembered reading on newspaper about an elderly refused to be saved from her home due to eruption of Mt. Merapi. She concerned about her cattle and of course her home. She did not want anybody to steal it. She has to be taken by forced by the army who also lent hands to help refugees flee from their home. The other government officials has given warning to the people to not try bring their cattle to the refugee camp as simply there are no space for them. The officials said to the reporter that event though the government has promised the people that the lose cattle due to natural disaster will be replace by the government the people still feel attachment to their cattle.
“They have been keeping those animals for years… It was sort of like a family to those people… naturally it is hard for them to let go…”

Yeah, people do grow some kind of attachment with their pet especially since they have been taking care of it for ages. Those animals sort of know what their master habits and demands. And the masters in appreciation to their pet for good behave know what kind of rewards to be given. 

But in the future, unless I live in a very spacious place and hardly go anywhere…I do not think I want to have pet.
I think it would be unfair to force them to live in a small space. I want them to have as much freedom as they can be. And if perhaps I will go out a lot…then the thoughts of living them wandering around alone at home is kinda depressing. Imagining them get cranky at home while waiting for their master to get back pat them and feed them…and then they will be destroying the house, the mattres… Oh no… I would rather not…

I remembered my last visit to Medan to my Grandma’s house. My aunt has this puppy we called him : Belo. I love calling him to come near me and to hear the sound of his name, the puppy ran from outside to me. Every times we were about to have lunch or dinner even breakfast, Belo would be sitting patiently waiting for us to share with him something to eat. I like seeing Belo wagging its tail right and left all the time. And of course that eyes looking at us every time he want something. Or simply just looking at us with mild curiosity.

Perhaps I am just being a dog watcher if my neighbor want to go travel and ask me for their help to keep watching their dog or something. Hahahaha … I love animals but to have them as my pet is huge responsibilities…
After all they are not just a pet… They are part of the family. 

Job and health

Someone asked me why oh why I still insisted to go to work even if I was not feeling very well.
Well, yeah...we should be thinking about our own health. But there were times when we were still young, idealistic and idiot.

I remembered going to work even if I could not concentrate on the work because of my Mom was terribly sick at home. Why? Simple? Nobody to do the work in the office. Two of my colleagues takes sudden leave because their children was sick. My boss also on leave for reason I could not remember now. I remembered how idiot I was thinking that I had the responsible to ensure all the jobs went out very well. Years later my close friend said to me that I should also skip the office knowing that my colleague also leave their responsibility to take care their family. Who care about that job? What if I didn’t make home in time and something bad happen to my Mom? Come to think of it now, yeah she has a good point...

Recently the main reason I went to the office anyway even when I was sick due to my loyalty...to my colleague. We were sort of backing up each other in doing our job, so if one person down the other would feel the heat very soon. Naturally when there were emergencies during the peak of our jobs or starting the low season...then sure... We could call in sick or take a day or two leaves from the office.
Other reason, sometimes nobody else doing that job. If I do not go to work then nobody will get the job done. So the all the things that we have to do keep on pilling up on the next day. Not a pretty sight to be seen especially when you just take a day to get rest at home.

But then again, if we pondering about it again...we will have to ask ourself a question. Does it worth with our health? Probably not but we need the money. And what’s the money for? To survive of course. Then can we consider ourself surviving if our sick get worse? Repetitive question..., right? 

Bad dreams

Two weeks ago I suddenly woke up from a dream...

Me with dreaming...we were not very close... I hardly dream and not really like to dream while sleeping. You know what... I hardly ever dream something good... These were the dreams that I remembered...

1. I dreamt that I jumpt from a cliff to a river... I wanted to go for a swim... Of course it was crazy because I could not swim at that time and to jump from the cliff? Then the next thing I know I hit the ground. There was no river. I fell from my bed. Period...

2. I dreamt that I lose two of my teeths at once. I asked my Mom about it and she immediately look worried. She said it was a sign that two people close to me are going to be sick. Of course I dismissed her worries but then a few weeks after that my Mom fell on the kitchen floor and got worse. It turn out she diagnosed with diabetic. She was in her bad state for months. After that my Dad also fell inside his room and broke his arm and bone around his left thigh.

3. And recently I dreamt seeing a former class mate in high school. We were playing around then I woke up because I was surprise to see his face. I had a crush on him once. And the fact that he has passed away few years already. Then last Sunday I was sick...

Sort of silly supertitious but then perhaps they were all coincidences, huh?


I think we were once in some kind of position where we felt so hard to say the word: I am sorry... Either we are too proud to admit that once in a while we made mistake. Or we simply do not want to admit that we DID make the mistake and try to blame it on somebody’s else. 

But when the word “sorry” has been spoken too much...it would be a bit annoying... As a matter of speaking...

Recently I met someone who probably doing a lot of jobs that require skillfull communication. Every once in a while, before saying something she keep on saying,”Please forgive me as I did not mean to sound like this...” , or “I am sorry if I offended you...but what I was trying to say...” 

She said that on and on, though it might seems polite but to hear her keep saying repeatly every time she start a conversation really irritated me.
I think she made it sound the word “SORRY” become meaningless. As even though she kept on saying sorry before made a statement but still she said word that rather offended us. It was as if she want to say, well at least I have said I am sorry before I even open my mouth so you should not be offended... But asking sorry should be done sincerely and not just for a sweet talk... What’s the point of saying that you are sorry if you keep on repeating that mistake over and over again?

Sort of like a politician and sales people do...

Whoops, sorry... I think that was a bit accusing J Did not mean to... or...may be I did... 


Sighed... Sorry can't write anything:(
I have been sick since yesterday and still feeling not so good:(
Hopefully I will get better soon...

Health is indeed our most precious treasure in this world...


I just have been in funny experience...

Ever since I quit my job few months ago, I have became the subject of attention and gossip around the neighborhood...

Sometimes I heard them whispering behind my back every time I just got back from hanging out with my friends.
"Wondering from where she was? Has she got a job now?"
Or they asked my Mom,"Oh, your daughter is going out? Will she go to find a work?"

A few days ago I have to answered three people asking me these questions:
"You took leave from the office? You seems been around at home a lot lately..."
"Oh? You quit your job? So you just stayed with your parents?"

Wow... What can I say... Probably these what were happened to those celebrities... People always want to know your day, your life, your action, the reason behind those actions... Etc

Geeez, I hope they are not settip up cameras to monitor me 24 hours a day... Yikes