Bad dreams

Two weeks ago I suddenly woke up from a dream...

Me with dreaming...we were not very close... I hardly dream and not really like to dream while sleeping. You know what... I hardly ever dream something good... These were the dreams that I remembered...

1. I dreamt that I jumpt from a cliff to a river... I wanted to go for a swim... Of course it was crazy because I could not swim at that time and to jump from the cliff? Then the next thing I know I hit the ground. There was no river. I fell from my bed. Period...

2. I dreamt that I lose two of my teeths at once. I asked my Mom about it and she immediately look worried. She said it was a sign that two people close to me are going to be sick. Of course I dismissed her worries but then a few weeks after that my Mom fell on the kitchen floor and got worse. It turn out she diagnosed with diabetic. She was in her bad state for months. After that my Dad also fell inside his room and broke his arm and bone around his left thigh.

3. And recently I dreamt seeing a former class mate in high school. We were playing around then I woke up because I was surprise to see his face. I had a crush on him once. And the fact that he has passed away few years already. Then last Sunday I was sick...

Sort of silly supertitious but then perhaps they were all coincidences, huh?
4 Responses
  1. some kind of psychic, are you? ;p

    hope you're now so much better yaa.. :)

  2. bridge Says:

    if only I have that kind of power to see whether I am going to be as famous as JK Rowling :D
    thanks dear ;)

  3. Indah Says:

    Oh, soal gigi tanggal itu gua pernah denger juga sih :D

    Cerita yang pertama itu menarik yaa.. tentang terjun dari tebing, hmm.. mari kita buka kamus mimpi, hihihi :D

    Tentang cerita ke-3, gua senang elo ngga ngikut ama tuh orang!

    And how are you now, girl ;)

  4. bridge Says:

    gue masih rada2 kliyengan ...:( ihiks

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