I just have been in funny experience...

Ever since I quit my job few months ago, I have became the subject of attention and gossip around the neighborhood...

Sometimes I heard them whispering behind my back every time I just got back from hanging out with my friends.
"Wondering from where she was? Has she got a job now?"
Or they asked my Mom,"Oh, your daughter is going out? Will she go to find a work?"

A few days ago I have to answered three people asking me these questions:
"You took leave from the office? You seems been around at home a lot lately..."
"Oh? You quit your job? So you just stayed with your parents?"

Wow... What can I say... Probably these what were happened to those celebrities... People always want to know your day, your life, your action, the reason behind those actions... Etc

Geeez, I hope they are not settip up cameras to monitor me 24 hours a day... Yikes
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Hihihi.. itung2 latian jadi seleb, Rii ;)

  2. bridge Says:

    ember... kalau buku udah terbit and laku jadi seleb ya ? hahahah ngawur

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