Changing to the new way

When I first using new version of airplane ticket, I have to admit that I was a bit scared.

It was only a confirmation from the airline that me and my friends have bought these tickets to Bali and back to Jakarta. We only need to print out the confirmation to be shown when we were about to check in at the airport.

Usually we have that that old version of ticket that has been given directly from the airlines or by the travel agent. Now, we just need to print out by ourselves and there... it is a valid ticket already!

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I was totally relieved when the airline officials acknowledged the print out as valid tickets for the four of us... Totally tacky of me.

Now, I totally have a hard time to convince my parents that the print out IS a VALID AIRPLANE TICKETS. They were like, really? What if they reject me in the airport? I guess, to see is believing and therefore we have to wait until the departure time.

My parents also complaining about how most airplane does not serve meals on board. While for us, well for heaven sakes the journey will only take 2 hours at the most... If we are that hungry, then just get something to eat before we are on the plane...

I suppose if we are used to a certain things for a long time it will be hard for us to accept the new way... But then again, we have to live by it... ^___^

2 Responses
  1. BabyBeluga Says:

    Did you receive a confirmation number? As long as you have the confirmation number, you shouldn't be too worry about it. Even so, I always call the airline company a day before my departure to make sure that everything is OK. Since I always buy the airline ticket on-line, either using Orbitz or Priceline.

  2. bridge Says:

    ah well, you know... Even if we have received confirmation number we still like, is this really valid and so on... Since I have been in that situation myself I can understand why it is so hard convincing my parents that this is the new version of airplane tickets nowadays...

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