Congrats to the unexpected team :)

Hearing that Indonesian Dragon Boat team manage to wipe out three gold medals in Asian Games really makes me realize that getting all the attention and facilities does not automatically makes people motivated to do something good.

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I heard that the Dragon Boat team almost not being sent to the Asian Games. The committee probably feels that there are too many people to be sent while the chance to get gold medals was still unsure. So, they prefer to send athletes who surely going to get GOLD MEDALS. Yeah, right.

After not getting gold medals for ages, I think they should stop giving extra treatment and facilities to those athletes who unable to give anything for their countries. Like those badminton athletes! I think they are really overrated; getting too much comfort, accept too many special treatments but only a few of them return it with their achievement. The others are only know how to act like celebrity who always craving for attention.

The athlete and the committee and all the people behind them should be embarrassed. Honestly, sending people to join competition is not cheap. Please stop sending people who probably still connected to that person or this person, or just based on like or dislike. But people with achievement and talent and willing to do hard work in order to make their nation proud.

This is just another proof that accepting all nice treatment, bonuses, and facilities does not mean those people automatically will give something back. They merely just enjoy the facilities and becoming spoiled. Probably these spoiled brats is whining too when they were pushed to practice hard by the trainer. Please stop saying that other countries do it better because they have better facilities. 

But then, even with all talents and capability that those athletes have it won't do them much good if people who should be responsible for them unable to do their job and be as objective as they could. Don't choose someone because she is someone's niece, or choose that person because he is simply have rich parents. Please pick and trained people that have the right to earn that. 

CONGRATULATION TO THE WINNING TEAM and others who manage to achieve above target.

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