A friend of mine gave me this interesting link about removing the so-called friends from our social networking.

I think in our life there were times we also got removed by someone that we know and I hardly asked why they removed me.

Obviously they probably think I was never in good relationship with them anyway, or rarely say hi to their wall or even try to make a slightest connection.
So, remembering that yeah I hardly try to contact them I could not really blame them if they delete me from their life.

Now, I have been considering to remove few people from my list. I have done that to several of them from my BBM list because simply they have never contacted me other than the first time they asked for my pin. After that I hardly ever heard from them and see no point to keeping them on my list.

Long ago, every December I would check on my phonebook located at my handphone and deleting names who hardly contacted me or the one that myself do not remember the person. You know sometimes along the way you met someone like electrician or hairdresser and decided to keep their contact number. But after a while we sort of forgot about them. So, rather than make my phonebook full with names that I have already forgotten...better to delete them once and for all.

And now, in our social networking. That's kinda tricky because I sort of need audience right now... hahahhaha... But to think again, if they do not bother to check on me at least once in a month then how could I depends on them to help with my page : (

Logically if they do not even remember that we existed then we are nothing but a number to make it look that they have huge scale of friends. Nothing more and nothing less. The fact that we have mutual friends does not guarantee they will care about us.

So, yeah...sorry people... It's deleting time:) And I am sure you are not going to be offended considering that we hardly ever made any contact even only to poke one another...

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