A few years ago, the place where I work for decided to give us a training how to receive telephone calls and the right way to greet people.

At first, we were like… what? Really? We need training to greet other people? They must be kidding, right? Especially when I saw the whole sentences that I need to say to the customer:

“Good morning (or afternoon or whatever…), this is an X company Y dept, how may I help you?”

I mean, that is a long sentence for a greeting, right? Not to mention that we have to sound happy when we say it as the customer will pick it up from the sound of our voice.

At first I thought that were ridiculous but then again I change my mind.

If you calling someone and they answered to your call rudely what would you feel? You would be wondering what was wrong with that person? Is he or she in such a bad mood so they forget their manner and just blurted it out whatever on their mind? And what if that person represented a company or a brand name? What other people would think with such a rude person taking calls from (probably) future customers? Didn’t they have people to teach that kind of things?

Greetings, sound so simple and yet not everybody possess it.

We could start it from the morning when we see our parents or our family. Up to the moment when we see our colleagues and friends and certainly our boss. When we greet other people it is sort we acknowledge their present. And whether the tone indicating closer relationship or otherwise that would be another story.

Beside for me, greeting sometimes is one of many ways to try to open a conversation with someone totally new.

For some greeting or opening conversation sounds like old school but I totally disagree. Nobody want to be addressed rudely even if we did not see the receiver in person. Especially when see each other face to face.

In short, rude talk is degrading yourself. 
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