After reading my friend's blog I suddenly think why on earth Indonesian people celebrate Halloween recently...

First, I think we should be "THANKING" the people who responsible bringing this celebration here to Indonesia... You know... Malls, merchandiser and many others who have done marvellous job in creating halloween atmosphere to attract youngsters...
If they have no idea how to create events that attract young people, who is going to buy their products? Ehm, remember Valentine Day?

Second, well I think most youngsters love being scared off. I have younger cousin who loves horror movies. Not to mention my nieces. Naturally, none of them can sleep peacefully at night after watching horror movies. And yet, the first thing that comes in their mind if I ask what kind of movie do you like...HORROR MOVIE is their very first answer.

So, the love of every horror flicks and the chance to celebrate it by being one along with friends... Halloween seems a very perfect celebration regardless the real meaning. What could be more fun than being with your friends, dress like crazy in the name of celebration that you have no idea whatsoever?

Aren't you just looking forward for the next Halloween to come? Wondering if Indonesian ghosts could compete with those from abroad... KIDDING.
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