Me and my friends have been waiting for this movie for ages… But I do not think I want to go watch this movie on weekend.

Ever since I quit my job I would rather do my activities during weekdays. Naturally, the downside point is I should be prepare to go home around 3 PM before people going home from all over places and all public transportations would be nightmare on the street. Pack with full of people along with them are pickpockets as well. Or I just stay at the mall until late at night to ensure that the street would be a bit emptier.

Same thing with going to the mall for looking on special discount (yeah, I still love hunting things with cheaper price). I remembered when malls in Jakarta start to make discount event for the first time. Usually they started the event on Friday and will end in Sunday. My friends and I went to the mall after office hour and found ourselves with headache. Too many people rush on shopping as if there is no tomorrow. They were running here and there, they keep on trying to find something interesting from piles of clothes that already look so messy for me. And finally my friends and I gave up. We were exhausted already from the office and seems have no stamina to deal with this. Then we have to face traffic jam around the mall as more people still coming for the discounted items.

If you decided to watch a movie on weekend then get ready to spend hours lining up to buy tickets for it. Especially movies that people have been waiting to see like for example Pirate of the Carribeans, Lord of the Ring and now the last edition of Harry Potter. Unfortunately the second part of it will be released next year, so again adoring fans will have to wait that long before finally able to see the movie.

I remember when I used to queue with my friends for movie tickets. Sometimes we have to come home and not watching movie at all. Or often, because we already too tired to stand in line for a long time, we decided to sit separately inside the theatre just as long as we would be able to watch the movie. Or worst, we just bought the ticket where we have to sit on the second line from the screen. You could imagine how cranky our neck after watching the movie. Especially watching movie with 3D screen, it was not a lovely experience.

So, I think I will wait patiently until next week and just watch the movie with not so many people around me hunger to get in the line first just for the name of movie… (Funny…, I was doing it too!)
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