Harry Potter part 1...for the year 2010

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Finally I went to see Harry Potter today and I love it! It is so dark just like the book as the last chapter will be the one on one battle between Harry and his long time enemy : Lord Voldemort. Unfortunately for me and the audience, this movie is the first from two parts of it. So, I have to wait patiently until next year. CRAP.

Anyway, I noticed the difference between people who have not read the book and me as one of many people who has read it. When I watch the movie, I anticipated every scenes to be compared with the book. So, if I read on the book Harry Potter and his friends entering the Ministry of magic... I was expecting that the scene would be the same as the book... Though not entirely but the modification is good :) While three teen girls sat beside me apparently have not read the book at all. So, they were sort of asking each other who was this person or that one... They screamed when several scene frightening them... I was like...OOOOKAAAAYYY....

Overall I like the movie because it was very tense. But, I think this movie is not suitable for little children because it was too dark at least for them. And the look of voldemort probably enough to make those children have nightmares on their sleep.

Truly love the movie, I am not going to mind to watch it again...and so looking forward to see the next chapter.
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  1. Parents should aware not to bring children for watching it. Scenes when Chastity Badge was eaten by Nagini, when Harry and Hermione kissed in naked, when Bellatrix Lestrange tortures Hermione, and especially when Nagini reverse from imitating Bathild Bagshot and creeping to pursuing Harry..augghh! Very unsuitable for children!

  2. bridge Says:

    yep, the story has escalated to darker and darker...

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