Human and pet

I remembered reading on newspaper about an elderly refused to be saved from her home due to eruption of Mt. Merapi. She concerned about her cattle and of course her home. She did not want anybody to steal it. She has to be taken by forced by the army who also lent hands to help refugees flee from their home. The other government officials has given warning to the people to not try bring their cattle to the refugee camp as simply there are no space for them. The officials said to the reporter that event though the government has promised the people that the lose cattle due to natural disaster will be replace by the government the people still feel attachment to their cattle.
“They have been keeping those animals for years… It was sort of like a family to those people… naturally it is hard for them to let go…”

Yeah, people do grow some kind of attachment with their pet especially since they have been taking care of it for ages. Those animals sort of know what their master habits and demands. And the masters in appreciation to their pet for good behave know what kind of rewards to be given. 

But in the future, unless I live in a very spacious place and hardly go anywhere…I do not think I want to have pet.
I think it would be unfair to force them to live in a small space. I want them to have as much freedom as they can be. And if perhaps I will go out a lot…then the thoughts of living them wandering around alone at home is kinda depressing. Imagining them get cranky at home while waiting for their master to get back pat them and feed them…and then they will be destroying the house, the mattres… Oh no… I would rather not…

I remembered my last visit to Medan to my Grandma’s house. My aunt has this puppy we called him : Belo. I love calling him to come near me and to hear the sound of his name, the puppy ran from outside to me. Every times we were about to have lunch or dinner even breakfast, Belo would be sitting patiently waiting for us to share with him something to eat. I like seeing Belo wagging its tail right and left all the time. And of course that eyes looking at us every time he want something. Or simply just looking at us with mild curiosity.

Perhaps I am just being a dog watcher if my neighbor want to go travel and ask me for their help to keep watching their dog or something. Hahahaha … I love animals but to have them as my pet is huge responsibilities…
After all they are not just a pet… They are part of the family. 
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  1. BabyBeluga Says:

    The same situation happened in New Orleans due to Katrina. People refused to leave the area, even its Governor rejected the White House's proposal. And guess who's to be blamed, when disaster happened? the President, hello.....

  2. bridge Says:

    really? I have no idea about that...

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