Job and health

Someone asked me why oh why I still insisted to go to work even if I was not feeling very well.
Well, yeah...we should be thinking about our own health. But there were times when we were still young, idealistic and idiot.

I remembered going to work even if I could not concentrate on the work because of my Mom was terribly sick at home. Why? Simple? Nobody to do the work in the office. Two of my colleagues takes sudden leave because their children was sick. My boss also on leave for reason I could not remember now. I remembered how idiot I was thinking that I had the responsible to ensure all the jobs went out very well. Years later my close friend said to me that I should also skip the office knowing that my colleague also leave their responsibility to take care their family. Who care about that job? What if I didn’t make home in time and something bad happen to my Mom? Come to think of it now, yeah she has a good point...

Recently the main reason I went to the office anyway even when I was sick due to my my colleague. We were sort of backing up each other in doing our job, so if one person down the other would feel the heat very soon. Naturally when there were emergencies during the peak of our jobs or starting the low season...then sure... We could call in sick or take a day or two leaves from the office.
Other reason, sometimes nobody else doing that job. If I do not go to work then nobody will get the job done. So the all the things that we have to do keep on pilling up on the next day. Not a pretty sight to be seen especially when you just take a day to get rest at home.

But then again, if we pondering about it again...we will have to ask ourself a question. Does it worth with our health? Probably not but we need the money. And what’s the money for? To survive of course. Then can we consider ourself surviving if our sick get worse? Repetitive question..., right? 

2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Hmm.. emang serba susah ya untuk urusan yang satu ini.. Karena kalo kita sakit, emang sang pemberi kerja peduli? Yaa.. belon tentu jugaa.. we're always replaceable in the office, ada banyak orang yang bersedia menggantikan posisi kita andai kita cabuts sekalipun..

    Nah kalo keluarga? *hmm*

  2. bridge Says:

    ember... Tapi lucu deh, tadi ada blog langganan yg gue baca yg ngomel bahwa org yang keluar nyari kerja baru adalah org2 yang egois... Hihihihi

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