Maid abused - AGAIN

Before I start my rants, just wanna wish you all Selamat HARI RAYA IDUL ADHA bagi yang merayakan.

Recently I read the news that there is another Indonesian maid being abused brutally by the family that hired her in Arab Saudi. This is her recent photo taken from Jakarta Globe 

Naturally, there is no more to say than the person who tortured her inhumanly must be really vicious or cruel and really have no appreciation for human life.

But anyway, we have to see several facts about Indonesian people working in abroad.

Many of them willingly work as illegal worker in foreign countries. Therefore naturally they feel afraid to report any abuse or mistreatment to the Indonesian authorities. They realized that they came to that country illegally and therefore they are already breaking the law. Plus, usually since they entered the country illegally all their documents were being kept either by the agency or their employer.

Second, most of them are probably illiterate and unable to speak any foreign language let alone Arabic. Can you imagine going to the foreign country but unable to speak other than your own native language? How in the heck are you going to communicate with your employer and vice versa? Through telepathic by looking at each other and you like…oh, okay…you want me to do this and that. Or perhaps through hands making all signs to ensure all people understand each other. I mean, really?

Third, since they are illiterate, entered the country illegally, nobody give them any training whatsoever about anything that they have to face. My mom said Indonesian people are known for being TOO friendly. If we meet people, we acknowledged them by smiling. If we have no idea what they are talking about, again…we just smile. If we are not agree with other people, before arguing back…we smile… Other people might interpret that smile incorrectly. Some might think the maid is flirting with all the men in the house though sincerely she did not mean that. In short, those differences in culture were never explained to them and therefore they just walk blindly to the unknown.

Fourth, I once read that there was a maid not happy with the work situation in Arab Saudi and she ran for help to the embassy. The employer said since they have paid for her, if  she do not wish to continue working there then the employer must get a replacement. Compare that with the situation in Indonesia. Mostly employer would rather lose the money through the naughty agency rather than being hassled more and more by them.

Either way, if that maid considered impolite, like to flirt, stupid (if she is clever do you think she want to be beaten up like that?) and unable to perform any works then just sent her home and claim for replacement for heaven sake. Do you really need to beat her like that and scar her forever?
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  1. Meysha Says:

    Ya tuhan..kasihannya...
    another maid abuse... g Malaysia/hongkong/ negeri sendiri pun sering terjadi kan Bridge... so??
    I think its not about the country where these ppl including me... working..but I think..more about the human nature. M I rite?

    Smile, flirt, illiterate and stupid... just a reason. real reason or just...a reason. what is "just a reason" meaning actually ya?
    I'm a bit lose here...

    Slmat berlibur...

  2. bridge Says:

    just a reason to be made up for beating them up mercilessly :(

  3. Anonymous Says:

    gak tahu hrs komentar apa......:( seranita

  4. Multibrand Says:

    Hi Ria,

    People here tend to adopt double standard in their reactions to bad treatments of our women workers in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.
    They reacted very strongly on what happened in Malaysia, but very softly on this one.
    I wonder where are those guys from Bendera, FPI, HTI.

  5. Yesta Says:

    This is just a minifestation of barbaric act. God have mercy to those who take advantage to the weak people. please stop sending domestic helper from third word country... send professional or skilled worker to lessen this kind of menace

  6. bridge Says:

    @Nita... speechless

    You are so true... FPI never bother to scream like crazy about this kind of matter :(

    True. This case was not the first and I doubt they are going to be the last

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