Meeting and traveling

A friend once asked when I was traveling would I prefer to meet someone new during my vacation or seeing someone that I have already known. Either from internet or regular mail.

I think I prefer to meet someone that I have known from my corresponding. Ages ago when I was traveling to Singapore, I have my first meeting with one of my penpals. She is a Japanese woman who married Singaporean guy and they brought their cute son to see me. After all these times we only communicate through letters... So, it was kinda fun to finally have the chance to see her in person.

My wishes that I could see more of my penpals... But as times goes by I have lost contact with most of them... So, it was a pity though...

Anyway, a few days ago I have the chance to see another blogger while I was hanging around with my friends in Bandung... Though it was a short meeting but I was happy we finally able to see each other ;) Unfortunately the food at that cafe were so-so... The only thing that made me glad we chose that place because my friend live only 20 minutes from that cafe. Hmmm, maybe next time we can stroll the city together :)

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  1. Well, though the food in the cafe wasn't really special, it's almost always full at weekend. And almost monthly the place is used for mini concert for band.

    I enjoy our lunch. Let's have meal at another place next time! :-)

  2. bridge Says:

    Yep, I saw that every nights I visited Bandung.... :D That's why I was curious to have lunch there...but probably not going to for the second time. Bandung has many delicious meals to offer :) So, I am truly looking forward to have another meal with you in the future ^_^

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