Megaria aka Metropole..

I used to go here ever since I was still toddler with my parents. Though I did not remember what was my first movie in this theater but I remembered all the happiness that my parents and I share...

The name of this theater has been frequently changing from originally Metropole then Megaria (as our first president was not allowing western names to be used on anything) then change again to Metropole... It has been years since the last time I saw movie in this theater. Merely because like any other people nowadays I prefer watching movie at the mall. Before watching the movie we could grab something to eat. And after the movie we could sat down at any cafe sipping coffee or hot chocolate with friends.

But since I have spare time now...I started to think rather than I have to go to the mall... then why not try to watch it here again? So there I went... And I love it... Sure it was not as fancy as the other theater but that's okay... It saved a lot because I will not be able to browse around the mall before and after watching the movie...

Metropole...or Megaria... now I am your biggest fans again :D

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