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USUALLY, I have never ever moderate any comments on my blog... Considering that hardly people ever read here...or my other blog... Plus, most of my friends hardly blogging. They often confuse whenever they tried to give comment but have to type verification words...and if the comment did not show automatically they get confuse again...

So, I have tried hard to make everything more simple. Most of my friend type anonymously to comment but leave their name on the box-comment. So, I knew from whom the comment came.

A few days ago I received a comment on my other blog from anonymous person who I think misinterpret my writing. I dislike pointless argument with someone I have no idea about. Especially that someone did not leave his or her identity. I decided to delete that comment and put a warning that next time any comment from anonymous person will be deleted. My friend choose option anonymous but they always leave their names. And I also decided to turn on the moderate options for comments. And you know what, that person came back and told me I was childish to delete his/her comment. Well, it is MY BLOG. I will decide which comment appropriated to be shown to the public... And which one that only try to provoke silly argument...

Thank goodness for that moderate option so I can avoid annoying people in the future.
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