People always saying not to go to the hairdresser when you are in a really bad mood... Like for example if you have a broken hearted and need something to forget the whole bad things... You decided you should cut your long beautiful hair becoming short. It turn out the short style really not for you and you walked out from the beauty parlor with regrets.

But what if the hairdresser is the one who has bad mood? Or perhaps you dining in a restaurant. You have been there for a couple of times and you love the food. But that night, everything taste so awful. Either you are in bad mood yourself and unable to taste the food as they are all seems bitter to you. Or the person who cooked that meal was not in a very good mood and affected his works. Either way, when you are doing anything out of impuls due to your bad mood or anger...mostly it would not end very well.

You will not be able to focus or concentrate on what you are really want to do. In the end, bad result is surely something you are going to get...

I guess our mood really affected us in such a way that it could ruin everything if we are not careful with it... Sighed... And to think that I am such a moody and impulsive person... Perhaps that's why I have never finished everything that I started? *THINKING HARD*
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  1. Multibrand Says:

    Hi Ria,
    I just noticed that you have this blog.
    I think it is good looking and informative.

  2. bridge Says:

    Dear H.Nizam,
    Yup, this is my older blog :) Thanks for visiting here ^_^

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