Multi Level Marketing...hmmmph...

  I know that people has the right to find income the most decent way they could ever come up with. But it is also my right to not like the way those people do whenever they have joined an MLM group. MLM as we know is Multi Level Marketing. They sell products and recruiting people to become their downline. The person who is able to recruit more and more people will be rewarded by receiving point. Thus, their income increasing magnificently.

Though I do understand that increasing income by recruiting more people made them go wild in finding more people to recruit them…I totally despise their way towards other people. They really go all the way to recruit people. And that including lying as well.

A few years ago, my mother was approached by our neighbor offering alternative medication for her and for me. She eagerly accepted the offer as they said it is not expensive compare with medication bill from the hospital. The place was so freaking far away from our home and I totally cursed the day that woman approaching my Mom. Sure, the alternative medication is not expensive. But THE MEDICINE that we have to buy along with the membership of that MLM really emptying my pocket in just few seconds. It turn out…both of my Mom and me did not get better. In fact, my Mom admitted to the hospital thanks to that stupid MLM organization. I warn my Mom NOT to talk to that damn neighbor EVER. Who knows, once we act normal towards her again she will immediately trying to sell another product. She is really shameless and heartless as she only thinking about making profit for herself by taking advantage on other people.

My friend told me another story. Her school mate from kindergarten called her asking how is she and asking for a meeting. She said she would love to catch up with my friend. Thinking that it would be lovely to talk about old times she agreed to see her. You know what, within seconds her old school mates suddenly brought two of her upliner and they went straight on explaining about their business and such. My friend then texting her hubby to call her and when he did, she pretend that her hubby already at the car park to pick her up. Without saying another word, she walked out from that ambush.

Last one, once I was contacted by school mate from high school asking to see me. At first I was very excited and said yes. But then two days before our catching up, she asked me to confirm whether I really able to go or not. When I asked why I need to confirm to her she then said she need to confirm my attending to a meeting. I quickly realized that she is another MLM agent and immediately I told her I could not confirm. In the end, I even cancelled our meeting. Sighed…

I suppose they need to be aggressive, shameless and heartless in pursuing their prosperity. And hopefully I will not turn into be one of them just in the name of money and traveling around the world for free...
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  1. Multibrand Says:

    Hi Ria,

    It seems that most of the people I know have similar experiences with MLM. As a natter of fact I have joined three of them many years ago, for the same reasons that you have mentioned.

  2. bridge Says:

    I am sorry if I offended you. But I have experienced the worst from MLM's member, my own neighbor. When my Mom fallen ill, she did not even bother to visit her at the hospital. She only think about her income by recruiting me and my mom... And therefore I dislike most of them...especially those who have no manner, heartless, money oriented and shameless.

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