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It is always nice to read a motivation story or story about how the nature has to go through a painful process before reaching its beautiful looks.

I think somewhere I have read about how a person try to help a bird getting out of it’s egg. He saw how the baby bird struggle to get out and so he decided to help the little creature. The result, he has successfully let the bird out but the bird unable to stand at all. As the process of getting out was the process to strengthen it’s legs… Well, I forgot the complete story or whether this story is true or not. In short, we should not be giving up when we find ourselves in trouble. Our way to deal with the problem will make us stronger than before.

I used to like reading those kind of stories or about how a kid that has been blind ever sine she was a baby still able to reach something in her life. Because her mother teaches her that she should not surrender to her condition. But it should make her stronger. Reading that kind of stories often make me embarrassed because someone who has disability still able to achieve something in her life. And what about me who though not perfect but still in better condition compare to her or others like her?

Then again, I think that no matter how much inspiring stories or beautiful quotes that we read it would not do us any good if we don’t start to do something to get our wishes. Yeah, sure reading those inspirational stories is a necessity so we could learn and know that there are so many other people out there able to do something despite their disability. But, is that all we can do? Collecting stories? Collecting quotes and memorize them all in our mind? What good that will do if we do not do something for ourselves.

We should admire those people because their achievement but don’t compare about our situation with theirs. After all, everyone lead a very different path of life. So, that person could have everything at the age of 16. We can’t just adore them blindly or simply impressed with their stories but do nothing to our own achievement.

Everybody has different stories and different problems… Make your own stories, your own quotes and your own achievement.

today I sent an inspirational story to a friend and she found out after browsing that the story is a hoax 
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