to serve instead to be served

One day in the church the priest once told us something interesting.

People who have been trusted by the other members of the church and join to help the priest to serve people often act as if they are the righteous people on earth. They demand respect from the people that they should have been guiding. During the mass, they even sat in front of the people as if they are in this respective board of committee who has power above others.

Funny thing about those bunch of people who should represent the people but demand a lot like to be respected, addressed as if they are from royal family. They probably have a fantasy that they are really a royal family. Whenever they come out from their nest, there are dozens of people around them. Those people include assistant, assistant, private assistant, secretary, bodyguards. They feel important to use expensive car being guarded by the police. They enjoy the feeling of being important. They truly forget the real reason people chose them. And that is to represent the people’s need. To serve the people as they are the shepherd to guide us the lambs to the right way that our Lord teach us.  

Whenever I read the newspaper about their behavior such as not attending important meetings, or sleeping all the way through the meeting, or chatting on the phone, browsing the internet, I often wondered…we really have been fooling ourselves. Thinking those people would do their job and pay attention to what is the need of the people.

In the old days, reporters are not as free as today. So I suppose this kind of behavior has been going on for ages. But since we have never known about it, we hardly care. Beside, as I could recall…life was better. We have good exchange rate against USD, all prices not as high as today (like the price of gasoline, rice and other needs).

But now, reading all those stories about how our representative behave like people who have no shame at all…getting me wonder… What’s the point knowing all of that? Is not that they are going to realize how degrading their behavior are but they are going to dismiss those facts. As if we the people overreact about them. That they have acted based on the law without even bother that people might get hurt. We are dying here and you use all that money to have fun in the name of compare studying? Seriously?

You may sit in that soft high position right now… But let us see how long you are going to sit there… Eventually you are going to get old and have no power whatsoever. You will also becoming the people who could watch in vain how their representative having a blast while others are vanishing due to the pain they have to endure. 
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