Toko Yu

When I just arrived in Bandung last Thursday I decided to grab a bite of burger so I am not going to get hungry soon. So, when my friend suggested that we have lunch at Toko Yu but we have to find the restaurant first, I did not mind. I was not in a hurry to have meals anyway. So, the information given that the restaurant located behing Borromeus Hospital. But after we look around the are there was no restaurant by that name. My friend suspected this old house but since it was surrounded by street vendor we decided to get a move on. After we circling the road twice, an additional information were given that the restaurant has no name in front of it. People just knew it the name is TOKO YU. Oh dear... It turn out my friend was right about her suspicion. Oh well, at least we found the place.

After parking the car, we entered the old house and found that there were so many people already have lunch inside. We ordered noodles and yamien and fried meat ball. The last one made from shrimp so it was good :) The noodles and yamien are all delicious. You see, for me if a restaurant could not make a decent noodles for us to eat...then I would not trust that restaurant to be able to cook other meals... (I won't say the name...)

Then for closing, we ordered ice cream... It was a wonderful lunch and I think I am looking forward to have lunch there again next time:)

Of course hopefully we won't get lost in the future due to the restaurant has no name or any sign indicating that the name is : TOKO YU.

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  1. BabyBeluga Says:

    My fave noodle's place when I was still living in Indonesia. I love the Shanghai shaved ice too.

  2. bridge Says:

    haaa... so you live in Bandung previously? :)

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