Tone of your voice

  Previously we talked about how me and my colleagues received training to greet on people over the phone.

I forgot to mention about the tone of our voice.

Yeah, the tone… The tone will give indication whether the people over the phone are actually smiling or not…

If your friend picked up the phone and she answered you cheerily, you probably just asked…,”Wow… You sounded so happy… You have any good news to be shared with me?” And she probably is going to tell you over an hour about how happy she knew that her project finally finished and received good responses from her superiors. But a few days later when you called her again and she just answered your phone with a voice like her life has been taken by force…you probably guessed things suddenly turn for the worst. And it turn out that even your friend’s project was good but her competitor done it better. So, no promotion for her this year and it made her gloomy. You could detect whether she was happy or sad just by hearing the tone of her voice.

When answering the phone we were advising to sound happy instead of gloomy. Like hey, you calling me to get my help right? I am here… I am all yours… Something like that so the caller would feel he or she has called the right number. Don’t even think to let the sound of your yawning or stretching your body to be heard by the caller. They would automatically think you are lazy and what in the heck this company think by hiring you? If you sounded upset then they will think you are completely rude and have no manner at all. And soon the caller will also be upset for no clear reasons.

I suppose tone is infected to one another in such a strange way ;)
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