Want other people's belonging

My friend once told me that when she visited a department store, she realized that there was this discount event and therefore without wasting anymore minutes...she went right on to find anything that she could get.

After circling around the place she manage to find a cute pink jumpsuit that fit her perfectly. Then suddenly she heard a woman asked the sales clerk where she could find this pink jumpsuit with size "S". The sales clerk then said,"Oh there was only one left and that lady already taken it" and pointing to my friend.

For the next thirty minutes that lady keep stalking my friend in hope that my friend will drop the jumpsuit so she could snatch it... Naturally, this act only made my friend held the jumpsuit tighter and not want to let go... Finally that woman give up her stalking and my friend hurriedly paid the jumpsuit and went home happily.

Whenever we saw something that already in other people's possesion...suddenly that thing becoming valuable in front of our eyes. If that thing just laying there we probably not going to take any notice. And when finally decide to have that thing and realized that there are other people want it as well, then we realize that this thing is valuable and will never ever going to let go...

But perhaps..., don't mess up with any women when it comes to shopping on discounted prizes
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