When my friend suggested that we have dinner at THE VALLEY located around Dago Atas I was a bit surprised. Considering that she has been in Bandung so many times...I thought she would have bored to go there... But she said that she never spent a night in Bandung whenever she went with her hubby. So, it has been ages since the last time she eaten there... And that was with me and my other friend :) I always loves dining there though the meals were not the kind that send you jumping for joy. But it is okay...though it is a bit pricey.

The driver that driving us from the car rental said that he was surprised to know that Jakartan people knew about this place... He is resident in Bandung but that was the first time he went to that place. The road was dark as located near the highland... Unless you really know where exactly you want to go, you could get lost for hours.

So what is so great about the place? If we see these picture taken from the year 2006...there is nothing special about the place.

But wait until the night come. All lights shimmering mesmerized us the visitors. After a while, we would not care whether the meals are expensive or we could hardly see the meals since we chose to eat out in the dark... It was supposed to be romantic moment for the couple but surely made our eyes soring when we tried to read the menu. Not to mention the cool breezing wind enough to make you shivering. 

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the meal... And I would not mind going back there again in the future... As I LOVES the hot chocolate soo much :)

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  1. BabyBeluga Says:

    Bandung has changed so much since I left. Is is for the good or for the bad? I hate to see all those old Colonial houses being turned into what they called factory outlets and restaurants. Just can't imagine the traffic and the trash problem. Doesn't mean to be critical but I do believe that those colonial houses were much prettier than the FO buildings. If only that the city has a real urban planning. Over here, we are not allowed to established businesses in residential areas and we are encouraged to preserved old buildings.

  2. bridge Says:

    true. But I think I prefer those old buildings becoming FO as long as they keep the original structure. Many old buildings in Jakarta are long destroyed to build mall and mall and mall again... :(
    Bandung during weekdays does not have traffic jam. But when people from Jakarta (including me) visits there on weekend...that would be a catastrophe. My friend who live in Bandung always escape to Jakarta during weekend or long holiday

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