Wondering why...

  My Dad said that people are simply different. Some people know how to pay back all the helps that they have received. But others are simply can’t get enough.

I notice for some cases related to unmarried woman with many of her siblings. Since she does not have her own family then to her family she has to be the responsible one to take care the entire family. Like if her nieces or nephews need money to pay their school tuition then their parents who are her siblings just asked her to pay for it. Usually they would start by saying,” You have no kids so you have your money for yourself. Then you have to help your other family”

Not that I against helping others especially your own siblings, but seriously if you have the courage to get married and have kids then why you have to poke around your unmarried sibling? Since she has no family of her own then does not mean she is going to have fun all by herself by wasting her money. She needs to have enough funds for herself in the future. Not so sure that her-craving-for-money-relative are going to remembered all the kindness that she has given to her family and willing to take care her in the old days.

Your unmarried sister is not your walking saving accounts or santa claus. Who will just grant your wishes without you have to work for it… Beside, isn’t that a bit weird to depend on your unmarried sister? Shouldn’t you be the one who is taking care of her instead of using her to finance all your needs? And like I said before, if you manage to get married then you should be preparing that by yourself and not bickering to your unmarried sister saying how wonderful her life is for not having other mouth to feed and asking for more and more money.

You take her help as her responsibility. You did not feel grateful because you always suspicious that she do not give you enough and still keeping more for herself. Well, hello? Is her money…isn’t it? Why are you being ungrateful? Everything in this world is not about you and your family… She has her own life to live with and actually she could just ignore you. If you have your own family then it means you are by all means an adult…
Or perhaps you are just aging but never grow up inside and keep on being selfish and ungrateful for the rest of your life? What kind of example you will be setting for your children… I will keep on wondering…
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  1. yah, mestinya jgn mentang2 saudra kita gak menikah, jadi apa2 minta tolong dia. Toh, dia juga mesti punya tabungan utk masa tuanya. Malah dia akan lebih kasihan hidupnya kalo miskin di masa tua. Siapa yg akan bantu coba?

  2. bridge Says:

    Itulah... Tapi sering gue liat disini kalau gak married berarti elo wajib bantu kanan kiri... Haduh, padahal gak ada yg mikir nanti dia tua kalau gak ada tabungan gimana?

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