About update status...

I have written about this at my other blog  and at kompasiana
But what the heck... Let me write it here again... :D (if you are guessing I am running out of ideas...I suppose you are right...heheheheh)

I think some of us have been itching when read update status of our own friends... Well, we love them dearly but often we are a bit tired reading their updates... Does not mean I never update a single silly status like just wrote : I am BORED. I HATE YOU. etc... Once I have been one of those people :D

Anyway, I have been thinking to use our addiction to update status for something else that hopefully can be useful someday.

If we are using taxi or perhaps public transportation from one city to another city, how about we update our status with information about the ID number of that taxi? When we are about to use taxi, then we find out the ID number printed on the door and then update our status. Like... I am otw to blah blah using taxi XYZ with ID number XYZ123. If you feel necessary, you can add up with driver's name and his Id as well. Usually this information located on the dashboard.

Well, who knows it may be usefull someday if you happen to loose your things in that taxi and decided to try to claim it... Or just to inform your friends that you are already on your way using a certain taxi...

Hope this will be useful :)

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