After watching Rapunzel

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I went to watch RAPUNZEL yesterday with my friends... Usually I do not like watching a movie with 3D but then what the heck... We chose to sit far away at the back to avoid getting dizzy... The thing is I am wearing glasses otherwise everything will be blur... (yeah, that's the point of wearing glasses). So, by watching 3D movie means I have to wear double glasses and that was not very comfortable... It kept sliding down from my nose and that's what made me dizzy... But good thing I have over come that... Though I am totally not looking forward to watch another movie in 3D... TOO EXPENSIVE!!!

Anyway, there was this interesting dialogue between Rapunzel and Eugene... Like any other movies for children, dreams always something to talk about... How you want something so badly and you get confuse... Should I try to get it or not? But what after all the troubles I have been through the dream turn out not like I expected? And what if the dream does fulfill my expectation... Then what afterwards? The Eugene character said to Rapunzel... then find another dream...

When you finally have something that you want, then don't stop there... Have another new dream for you to reach... I suppose that is how we appreciate life that has been given to us... To want something and fight hard to get it... :)

Nice... Love the movie... Hopefully it can jolt my mind to write something interesting...

Pssst, now I know why most women loves bad boys.... On movies even animation from Disney...the bad boys always have sincere and honest heart and in the end willing to sacrifice everything for the women that they love so dearly.... Oh dear... How many times we should tell ourselves that there are no such things? *between sobs and grinning*
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  1. Indah Says:

    Buat gua, bagian soal "carilah mimpi yang lain" itu juga salah satu part yang paling berkesan dari Rapunzel :D

  2. bridge Says:

    Disney movies itu selalu pinter mencari hal2 yang bisa jadi inspirasi anak2 kecil :D

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