Annoying sales person

A few days ago, my Mom went to find new refrigerator as the old one are nearly reaching its end. Most of the sales persons were helpfull. They told her which brand that is better from the others. And if they were out of stock they told her honestly and suggest to go to another branch. All nice but one.

This last one is working at Carrefour Mangga Dua. A very impolite and lazy sales person. Since I did not come with her, I only listen from her story. He lazily told my Mom that if she really want the refrigerator then she has to pay all in advance not just a down payment. And afterwards, the good would be delivered within one week or two weeks. As if he is saying, you want it then you have to follow my rule. And I thought customer is the king... PFFFF...

You know, if only we were not thinking that they need their job, if I was on the spot I would have probably reported his behavior to his manager... He was so not helpful, impolite and could not care about what customer need.

Customer not always the king I suppose...
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