Between human and animal

Do you see the first picture of this ruddy looking cat?

When I took a photo of this street cat, he looked at me in alert. As if he was preparing himself for the worst and get ready to escape the premises. I am sure that all his life he has received many kicks or beating from people who dislike street cats. Has been living in that kind of situation make him look creepy and always in ready position to defend himself. He seems aware that he will have to protect himself and assuming all humans are bad and just want to hurt him. As soon as I straighten up my body he ran far away from me. He did not want to risk that I might hit him with something.

And the other picture is my unofficial cat, who looked at me in mild curiousity...

His eyes does not show any fear or suspicion... He simply looked at me eagerly...not because he loves me but just because he is hungry... heheheh... The point is, he knows I would not mean any harm to him. He also has learnt though that not all humans like me. He always run as soon as he heard my mom coming out from the house. He knows my mom hates cat especially street cat like him. He only wants to be around me and my cousin as we are the one who keep on feeding him.

I think when we have been surrounded with bad people or worst situation ever, chances are we are going to be a very pesimistic person and hard to believe that world can be a better place. We only know that everybody is out there to get somebody else. That promises easily said but never kept. Being used by other people for their own benefit. Get used to the insult and scold that has been degrading ourselves and turn us into a person with no pride and confidence.

However if you are in a better situation, you learn how to distinguish bad people from good people. You are alert but never loose confidence that there are really good people out there. People who probably makes mistake once in a while but never meant you any harm. You see the world as a beautiful place to live in and always expecting good things from others.

Kinda funny that there is a same situation between human and animals, right?
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Huehehehe.. hasil pengamatan yang menarik ;)

  2. bridge Says:

    Gue perhatikan kucing2 yg dipelihara tuh mukanya lucu2... Sementara yg di jalan tampangnya syerem

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