Thanks to that damn coffee I could not sleep at all last night... So, now in the wee of the morning here I am typing this post on my blog... Blah.

Since I am wide awake though very tired I am starting to delete several acquaintances from my friend's list on Facebook. First, I hardly know them and we never said hi to each other. Of course come to think of it, I do not understand why they add me as their friends and why in the heck I approve their request if I have no idea about them at all? And thinking about it, I have requested few people to be my friends, but I did not contact them afterwards.... Probably because I was a bit lazy as I did not receive any response on my personal message to them. So, they approved my request but wants nothing more to do with me... Hmmm, probably they will be next to be removed...

Last but not least, I can not believe but I was totally mesmerized to see the size of this Christmas tree in front of Grand Indonesia mall. So, like a tourist I took pictures along with many others who wants to have something to be remembered on this giant Christmas tree. I feel sorry for those workers who built it and later they have to take it all over again... Well, nothing last forever...
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  1. BabyBeluga Says:

    Coffee never makes me unable to sleep. Probably because I am so used to drinking a lot of coffee, esp when the temp is cold. Also I used to drink just plain black coffee.

  2. bridge Says:

    I hardly drinking coffee... Usually with milk or lotttsss of water...and sugar... But once in a while I like to try it... And afterwards I drinks water to remove the coffee from my body...:) But I forgot to do that yesterday and the result I was wide awake though very tired... Sighed...

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