Got it wrong before get it correctly...

When we went traveling for a long time, obviously we prefer to bring suitcase to carry all our needs. And to be safe, we have to memorize code in numbers to lock our suitcase.

We have to press both right and left near the numbers and then we choose numbers to be the lock for our suitcase. After we chose the number we release our pressing both on right and hand. And there we have our lock.

But have you ever try to open your suitcase and find that you are not successful? Were you panic? I am sure you have. Me too!

Once, I have tried to open my suitcase but finding no luck at all. Naturally I got panic and grew angry. I was totally positive that I remembered the password correctly. I am a very forgetful person so usually I pick easy combination. Like 123 or 456, something like that. But now, those combinations could not open my suitcase. My friend tried to help by calling the front desk asking them to help me. But they could not offer any assistance at all. I finally gave in.

So, like my friend suggested…which I have rejected earlier… I have to try every combination on that suitcase until I find the right one. The numbers are all : 999… So, I have to try combination from 001 up to 999 in order to have the right combination. Yikes… but that is the thing that we have to do when nothing else fail.
Possibly when I opened the suitcase I accidentally slide the number to become another combination while pressing the right and left button. I have no idea about other reason as I do not really care.

The important lesson from the above…PATIENT… Hahaha, not my style… But that was the time I need to concentrate to be patient and try every combination just to get the right one…

Perhaps sort of like life itself… We have to be patient while living our life… Bumping into problems and difficulties which seems give us no way out… But eventually, after clearing our head for a while we will be able to get the solution to fix our problem… Even to get to the right way, we have to try every step and ways in vain…
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