Lazy by technology

Don't you think that we are now totally being spoilled by technology? I meant, I use to remember easily my friend's phone numbers. But now, I even too lazy to remember my own phone's number.

I used to have this little phonebook, fill with phone and address of my friends and colleagues. I even put their birthday so of course I could remember to greet them on their birthdays

But using phone book was so old school... I hardly ever done it... Naturally I am being lazy as even though I have lost my SIM Card and therefore loose all my phone's did not drive me to make another copy manually on a book.

Now, it gets worst as mostly I just exchange pin numbers in order to be able to have a chit chat through Blackberry Messenger with my friends and totally forget to ask their phone number! So if the internet connection was not available and I could not reach them through Blackberry Messenger all I could do is just staring at my Babybeth (name of my Blackberry, heheheh) as I do not have my friend's phone number...

Technology created to help us the user but often we take advantage to cover our lazyness... SIGHED...
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Yaa.. setiap hal selalu punya sisi kebaikan dan keburukannya masing2, hahaha..

    Nah sekarang mumpung koneksi internetnya masih available, jangan lupa tanya2in nomor hp temen2 elo ituu.. and catat juga secara manual, just in case hp or sim card elo rusak khan masih bisa menghubungi mereka ;)

  2. bridge Says:

    kalau gak males ya... Hahahahahaha.... Duduls....

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