Post Power Syndrome

My online friends and I are making this story or poem or anything related with topic : Post Power Syndrome.
What is that Post Power Syndrome? I read that is a kind of situation that affected people who used to have high power in the society. They used to get easy access to everything, people fear and respected them for their power. And all of that are gone as soon as they step down from their high position. They have to be regular people again, not surrounded with assistants who greedily waiting for their order… And most of all they feel nobody respect them anymore as now they are just the same as any other people.

Well, I have met this kind of person once when my Mom was admitted to the hospital two years ago. My dad said his salary was not much but at least at the old page his company still provides him with medical allowance to pay for hospital bill. Anyway, on that hospital her so-called roommate bragging about that we should not do this and that inside the room. Saying that her hubby work here in the company which it turn out the same company with my dad… I told her that I need no information about that as my Dad has retired from that company. Not want to lose the useless debate she then mumbling that her husband still working and therefore their family has higher hierarchy than pensioner.

Later on, when her husband and my father finally see face to face it turn out that her hubby also has retired. Though her hubby position was higher than my dad but her hubby respected and remembered my dad as his senior. He said he learnt a lot from my Dad. That shut her off. Though still from time to time she wanted to give impression as if she owns that hospital. I could not turn on the television at night because it was too noisy… Or I could not move around the furniture inside the room and blah, blah, blah…

Since I have never been in a high position that gives me a power to make other people’s life miserable or happy therefore I have no idea about losing that kind of power…  Come to think of it, probably that is a good thing… I totally can understand if in the previous life you abuse that power to make other people’s life like a living hell then naturally you will feel upset to not be able to abuse it again… If you have that power but using for good cause then you will gladly step down from your higher position and enjoy the retirement life. You do not need that power but it came along with the job and the responsibility. So you did not use abuse that power. People respect you because you know what to do and how to handle things. And they will always remember you without you demand them to do so.

If someday someone bickering and accusing you not being polite and respect them while you are totally sure you already have then probably that person is having post power syndrome… She or he used to have the best treatment ever and therefore expecting to have that special treatment always…

They should learn that was then this is now…
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