Thank you for the friendship ;)

A few days ago, my friend asked whether I have received her postcard... I said I have not... If you think my friend live somewhere across the country, no she is not... THen if you asked why in the heck she sent me postcard? Well, why the heck not?

I think people always loves receiving something from their love ones and that including from our own friend :)

She always knows how to choose a postcard with picture that can makes me smile and send words that can cheer me up... I complained to her that I still wish she sent me postcard with one of her pictures... Heheheh, human never satisfied on anything...

We have started to know each other through the internet probably around 2002 - 2003... I was joking with her that if this year is the year of 2012 or 2013 that will means we have been friends for ten years! Our friendship has been through ups and downs..., good time and bad time as well... Sometimes we think we know each other but often through our similarity we are still two different person who finds each other in the middle of billion people who use the internet...

I guess it is okay to hope that may our friendship will last longer :)

Again, thanks for the postcard ^___^
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Ngga kerasa yaa udah mo 10 tahun dari sejak kita pertama kenal :D

  2. bridge Says:

    iya... kita udah tua yaaa (loh?)

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